Cileunca Lake

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From a long time ago, Pangalengan is known as the biggest supplier of tea in West Java and also the best supplier of high quality milk. But currently, there is also one tourist attraction which gain more attention in Pangalengan, it is Situ Cileunca or Cileunca Lake.

Cileunca Lake is located 45 kilometers in the Southern part of Bandung, 1550 above the sea level. Cileunca Lake was surrounded by 2 tea plantations. Cileunca Lake is a manmade lake which was built without hoe but using a hammer like tools.

Based on the history, Cileunca Lake is a private property of Netherlands citizen named Kuhlan who live in Pangalengan. Cileunca Lake was built in 7 years (1919 – 1926) by stem the Cileunca River water. The dam to stem the water from Cileunca river is called Dam Pulo.

From hundreds of man-made lakes in Bandung, Cileunca Lake is one of the lake which can be enjoyed by the tourist. Cileunca got its name because a long time ago this lake was surrounded by the Leunca tree, people who use to visit this place and then call this lake Situ Cileunca which came from Ci (water) and Leunca (the plant’s name). Cileunca Lake offering the breathtaking view so people start to call it Indonesian Swiss (Swiss van Indonesia). Along with time, this manmade lake is transforming as one of the most visited lake in Bandung. Beside visiting and enjoying the view, visitor can also camping near the lake also picking the strawberry and arbei. For tourist who is brave enough to do extreme sport they can try the paragliding, flying fox and rafting.

Boat also provided for tourist who wants to tour around the lake. There is one most interesting thing about this lake, which called Jembatan Cinta or Love Bridge. Why does it called Love Bridge ? the reason behind this name is because the bridge often used by lots of couples to meet because this bridge connecting 2 villages which is separated by the lake. For domestic tourists, attractions Cileunca is a fatigue release activity, the price is fairly cheap at Rp 3,000 / person, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Cileunca Lake, and if visitors want to go around they can use boats that spend Rp 5,000 / person the owner of the boat will take us see the natural scenery found in Cileunca.

by. Hidayat Ayatulloh

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