Malabar Tea Plantation

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Malabar coffee plantation produce up to 60,000 kilograms tea per day. 90% of their markets are outside Indonesia. Malabar tea plantation was founded in 1890 by the Peangerplanter named Kerkhoven who also open th tea plantation in Gambung, Ciwidey, West Java. Malabar tea plantation reached its success when Kerkhoven appointing his cousin, Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha as administrator in 1896. Bosscha built two other tea factory and accelerate the tea production. Later on, Bosscha became the King of Priangan Tea.
During his 32 years leadership in Malabar tea plantation and factory, Bosscha built Malabar Tea Factory which turn into Gedung Olahraga Gelora Dinamika nowadays and Tanara Tea Factory which is known as Pabrik The Malabar nowadays. His daily routine was every 9 in the morning, Bosscha use to sit at the front chair of his house while sunbathing and reading news paper before he tour the tea plantation to control his workers. Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha or Meneer Bosscha’s grave is located inside the Malabar Tea Plantation, he was rested among his most loved place in West Java. His grave is surrounded by the colorful coleus flower with high walls and European style of ceiling just like his masterpiece, Bosscha Observatories which was built in 1928. Bosscha’s house was being rebuilt, the bedroom was added with 11 more rooms by the PTPN VIII. Tourist who visit Malabar Tea Plantation could rent and stay in Wisma Malabar and Wisma Melati. Tourist will be able to see Bosscha’s belonging which is still originally placed inside the house. Beside building the tea plantation in Malabar, Bosscha also built Societeit Concordia (Gedung Merdeka), Bosscha Observatory, dan Technische Hoogeschool (Institut Teknologi Bandung).
There is no doubt if we are talking about the beautiful view of Malabar Tea Plantation, as far as the eyes could see, the color of tea leaves will seem similar to the giant green mat. Tourist can also visiting Tea Corner which will teach the tourist in how to process the tea. Beside that, tourist can also buy tea, souvenir and other gift specialized from Malabar.
by. Hidayat Ayatulloh

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