Nature Tourism Batu Luhur Rock Garden

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Nature Tourism Batu Luhur Rock Garden is a natural tourist attraction that began to open at the end of 2015 precisely on December 23.

Rock Garden itself is already there since the first to the public, but still minimal facilities.

Aware of the potential of this tour, finally the community groups around the group Bujangga Manik, Rock Garden tourist spot was developed with the renovation and construction of several facilities.

If previously this tourist spot is open to the public for free whereas now because this place is getting better so charged the price of admission.

Susuai Rock Garden name which means a stone garden, so the main attraction of this natural tourist attraction is the expanse of rocks that spread wide. Of course it is uniqueness. So not a few who take advantage of the uniqueness of the rocks here for photographi activities such as selfie, groupie, pre-wedding, and so on.

In addition to the other attractions of this Rock Garden tourist attractions that view the lowland scenery is very charming as urban, plantation and so forth.

According to Mr. Dodo one of the elders or managers of Nature Tourism Batu Luhur Rock Garden is the formation of rocks found in this natural tourism because of the eruption on the northern slopes of Mount Ciremai, but the stone is not derived from the crater rocks of Mount Ciremai but derived from the surface of Mount Ciremai itself. The surrounding community calls it ground rock.

Some of the stones around Batu Luhur Natural Park have their names, such as Batu Lawang, Kuda Stone, Beuheungan Stone (Batu neck), Korsih Stone (Rock shaped chair), Batu Sepur (railroad-shaped stones) And some other stones.

In addition to the existence of natural rocks, in this resort there is also a place called Situ Tespong formed naturally derived from two streams flow of Mata Surupan and Talaga Bolang. In Situ Tespong there are various kinds of fish such as Mas Fish, Nila Fish, Mujaer Fish, Catfish and some other fish.

There is a Water Embung from Pujangga Springs. The water flow itself is flowed by hydraulic power of the mill.

According to water managers from Embung Air is functioned as a source of water firefighting. But Embung Air itself can also function as a swimming pool for visitors.

There is also a Water Pump Son, its function is the same as one source of water in case of fire, but other functions as a children's pool.

Some facilities owned Nature Tour Batuluhur Rock Garden include:

Islamic Prayer Room
Rinse room
Parking area
Rest area
Tree House

The price of natural tourist entrance ticket is Rp. 15.000 (same ticket price on the weekend), the price includes parking ticket and facility usage.

For visitors who have a hobby of collecting various arts crafts, right at this tourist gate there are various knick-knacks such as paintings, sand paintings, bamboo carvings and various other knick-knacks that can be purchased with a relatively affordable price.

As if completing the comfort of the visitors, in this natural tourist attractions there is a mini restaurant called Kimabalu Resto, although the mini but the food or beverage menu offered mini resto is quite a lot and diverse. Some of these menus are:

Various Hot Drinks: Coffee Batuluhur, Coffee Milk, Coffee Ginger, etc.
Various Cold Drinks: Ice Lime Slush, Es thai Tea Bubble, etc.
Aneka Fresh Juices: Melon, Watermelon, Mango, Avocado, Guava, etc.
Aneka Olahan Steak: Tenderloin Steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Roasted Chicken, etc.
Various Traditional Menu Indonesia: Sop Iga Sapi, Nasi Campur Kimabalu, dll.Aneka Processed Fried Rice: Seafood Fried Rice, Fried Rice Chicken, and so on.
Aneka Olahan Mouse Goreng: Mie Goreng Seafood, Mie Goreng Ayam. Etc.
Aneka Olahan Pasta: Spaghetti Bolognaise, Fetucini Smoked Beef Carbonara, etc.
Aneka Snacks: Rissoles Beef and Cheese, Lumpia Fried Chicken, etc.
Various Dessert: Bananan splits, Pancake Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sundae

With many treats owned by Nature Tourism Batu Luhur Rock Garden is, of course, this natural tourist spot is perfect to visit, especially for visitors who seek tranquility, comfort, entertainment and refreshing. Happy Visiting !!!

Currently (July 12, 2017) Rock nature tourism rock garden into a nomination Anugerah Enchantment Indonesia 2017 Category Highland Terpopuler.


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