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Office of Tourism and Culture is located at Jalan Main Page No. Ciledug. 120, Village Kulon City, District Garut City. Located at coordinates 07 ° 13'17, 0 "latitude and 107 º 54'22, 1" longitude and altitude of ± 740 meters above sea level. To go to this place could use a public transport bus Bandung-terminal to the Main Page of Cileunyi Ciawitali Then up the city transportation department of a time. Can then be achieved by simply walking or riding public transportation. Subdistrict Garut city is within ± 1.5 hours from Terminal Cileunyi Bandung regency.
This building began to be established in the Dutch East Indies, namely in 1910. At first serves as the Director of Tea Plantation homes Dayeuhmanggung. The public generally knew him as Mr. Baron. Building area measuring 37.5 m × 43.2 m. With northern limits: Road Mount Galunggung, South: Cakrabuana Road, West: house residents and East: Road Ciledug.
After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia building serves as the Region I Office of Assistant Regent Main Page City (Office Kewedanaan). In 1965 occupied Region V. Office of the Assistant Inspector In 1992 this building was occupied by the Office of the Department of Revenue (Revenue) Garut. Later in the year 2007 until now used as offices Disparbud Garut.
Colonial form of residential buildings consist of three parts, namely: the main building are in the midst of pristine kosntruksi and architecture, as well as iron fences and walls on the front which is a new building. Additional buildings on the left and it. Plan a rectangular building facing East (Jalan. Ciledug) New Indian architectural style (style Indies). Elevated floor ± 110 cm. Core building has 8 rooms and 1 bathroom, ie: living room, heads of agencies (master bedroom), a meeting room (bedroom), financial staff room (living room / family room), TU Head room (back room / space family), the general staff room (utility room), staff room art (bedroom), and the art equipment room (kitchen and dining room). It has 2 main entrance wooden single leaf with width and height of 2 m and 1.3 mx 1.1 mx 1.85; there are four steps with original iron fence that still left right toward the main entrance; 2 windows arched windows and a rectangular double double leafed façade menyerong in near the main entrance; two rectangular windows on the side of a double-leaved double right (north); former window that had been closed wall on the left (south); 2 doors in bangian rear, and four pairs of rectangular windows made of glass single leaf in the rear. Walled backyard 3 m high concrete pristine.
Location Office of Tourism and Culture Main Page now has become an urban area, settlement, trade and the downtown Main Page, with hotel facilities, public transportation, shopping and adequate and the building can be unique to the landscape around the building as a result of new buildings springing up with today's modern architecture.
Location: Road No. Ciledug. 120, City Kulon Village, Town Garut District, Garut regency.
Coordinates: 07 º 13'17, 0 "S, 107 º 54'22, 1" E
Directions: To reach this place could use a public transport bus from Bandung-Garut Cileunyi toward Terminal Ciawitali Then up the city transportation department of a time. Next is just a walk or ride public transportation. Sub-district of Garut city is within ± 1.5 hours from Terminal Cileunyi Bandung regency.
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