Cave Malawang

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Malawang Cave is a cave complex located in the middle of the plantation, a set of caves and niches. The community is called Cave Malawang complex with various names, such as Malawang, Stone Masigit, Keraton, Oyod, and Gorin. One interesting point of naming is Gorin, namely the local name for a kind of earthenware water jars. Naming Gorin given at the cave complex on the basis of findings by Taryana Gorin, Principal LCS Tasikmalaya in 1993 in one of the cave. Archaeological finds have been found 13 pieces of ancient pottery shards. Later studies carried out several times, among others, by the Bandung Institute of Archaeology. Archaeological findings were found among others in the form of fragments of pottery, fragments of pottery, stone tools and stone axes perkutor form, and the bones of animals.
You can reach this place and observe a variety of interesting findings with two-wheel or four-wheel, passing rubber plantations who had long sought, for the next walk.
Location: Kampung Wangunwati, Sukawangun Village, District Karangnunggal
Coordinates: 7036’64” S, 108012’43,5” E
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