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Kertabumi sites located in the Village Kertabumi, District Cijeungjing precisely located at coordinates 7 º 20'43, 4 "latitude and 108 º 27'49, 9" BT with an area of ​​about 320 m2. Location of the site is located in the region sandwiched between the River and River Cimuntur Cileueur. The two rivers meet in northeast Mount Susuru. Susuru mountain ridge of the hill is a rock formed by volcanic breccia. Altitude areas in and around Mount Susuru approximately 100 m above sea level. Limit this site to the north is S. Cimuntur, east meeting of S. Cimuntur with Cileueur, Cileueur River south, and west of Village Bunder.
Kertabumi area was first known report of the Office of the Ministry of National Education Ciamis District informing them that have been found in archeological remains Bunder Hamlet, Village Kertabumi, District Cijeungjing, Ciamis District. In connection with the report, the Bandung Institute of Archaeology in 2000 conducted the initial research. Subsequently in 2001, held a more in-depth research in the Area Kertabumi.
The area includes two sites namely Kertabumi Mountain site and the site Bojong Susuru Gandu. On the site there are three mountain Susuru flat stone made of andesitic igneous rocks. Stone flat I was in the northeast part of Mount Susuru, flat stone II are flat rocks southwest I is approximately 350 m, while the third is a flat stone in the southwest flat rock II is about 100 m. Near the flat stone I have stone compound formed from the three lumps of igneous rock andesite.
At Mount punden Susuru also there are three terraces. Punden I was on a small hill on the northeast corner of Mount Susuru. Punden II was among punden punden I and III. Punden III located in the southwestern part of Mount Susuru. Third punden formed from the composition of andesitic igneous boulders.
On the cliffs of Mount Susuru there are 5 caves formed from volcanic breccia rocks. Based on his physical condition, seen the caves is an artificial cave (artificial caves) are carving on the cliff on the banks of the River Cimuntur and Cileueur with 75 ° slope. Inside the cave, people have found pottery fragments, teeth Bovidae (buffalo ancient), dental Sus (pig), bone fragments, and human molar. Bone and tooth fragments found at the site has undergone a process pemfosilan (sub-fossil).
Gandu Bojong site located in the northwest of Mount Susuru site. State land on the site is relatively flat Gandu Bojong. Archeological remains at the site of residual Bojong Gandu fortress made of stone structure. On the site Bojong Gandu found ceramic fragments, fragments of pottery, and iron crust. Ceramic fragments originating from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and most of Europe originated in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
In Hamlet there are some objects Bunder archaeological park of wells, rock wells, and some ancient tombs. Garden wells are two wells located on the edge of the cliff rock breccias, precisely at 7? 20'23, 9 "latitude and 108? 27'26, 3" BT on the south side Cimuntur. Across the river (east side) there is a gravel pit. The well is in the form of lumps of igneous rocks which have been perforated. Holes located on the south side with a hole diameter of 50 cm. Based on the results of identification of objects, called the well by the public turned out to be a stone mortar. Ancient tomb that is in the hamlet known as the Tomb Bunder Tanduran Ageung or Tanduran Sari and Prabu Dimuntur Mausoleum Complex.
To reach this area already built a paved road until late Susuru Mt. To achieve the object has been constructed footpath stucco. Landscape of the region strongly supports the development of tourism in the region, particularly the special interest tours. While the tourists visiting this region in the new limited nature tourism. Development of tour packages that include cultural aspects need to be supported by information about the cultural heritage of the past.

Location: Hamlet Bunder, Kertabumi Village, District Cijeungjing,
Coordinates: 7 ° 20'43, 4 "S, 108 º 27'49, 9" E
Facilities: path stucco
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