Yellow sacred Lakbok

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Arkeologik relic of the other classics are a few things in the Sacred Yellow Lakbok. The site is located in the Village Sukanegara, District Lakbok exactly on the coordinates of 7 º 24'07, 6 "LS 108 º 39'22, 1" BT. Geographically this area are in low lying areas with an altitude of 26 m above sea level. Archaeological objects stored in the building cupola measuring 3 x 4 m in the garden of the population.
Some of the objects stored in the building cupola was first originated in the field. On the initiative of residents gathered in the building and cupola. Most of the archaeological relics in damaged condition. According to this destruction occurred in about the year 1965.
Archaeological objects are comprised six objects (LKB code 1-6). LKB 1 in the form of fragments of the upper yoni berdenah square. On one side there is a knob. At the top center of a hole. On the upper surface of the stone there is a seam, while the side of the bell-shaped stone. The state now has lost one of its corners. LKB 2 phallus. Cross-section is divided into three parts, namely the bottom of a rectangular, octagonal middle, and top round. LKB three human statues with a slim body. The head and hands missing. Left only the left leg at the knees, while the right foot missing. Arca depicted sitting on a pedestal-shaped beams. At the back of the statue back there. LKB 4 fragments form the bottom of the yoni, the bottom side of the more stratified upward narrowing. LKB 5 cow statues that are sitting with a very worn condition, so the scratches are already very thin. The depiction of cows here only the front half only. While the back of the abdomen and hind legs are not there. On the left side there are scratches that describes the front legs folded back. While on the right side of the plain. Face of the statue is not clear anymore, but still looks the part that is protruding snout. LKB 6 berdenah a square slab of stone. On the upper surface of this stone there is a prominent part. In addition to the center of the stone there is a curve around the body stone.
For a while these things are not received public attention. Community effort to save the building cupola is what it takes to preserve it. With the existence of these objects shows that in the past communities around high Lakbok already civilized.
Location: Village Batukaras, District Cijulang
Coordinates: 7 º 24'07, 6 "LS 108 º 39'22, 1" BT
Direction: ± 34 km from Pangandaran
Facilities: cottage with playground and houses of worship, camping ground, souvenir kiosks, surfboard rental, tire pool
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