Gunung Padang pangcalikan Site

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In the village Sukaresik, District Cikoneng there is some sort of protected forest in which there is archaeological heritage object by the local community called pangcalikan. Land area of ​​approximately 7 hectares of hilly geography. To reach this location after entering the protected forest area must go through a rocky path uphill.

At complex Gunung Padang Pangcalikan site contained objects in the form of building terraces, tombs, and ponds. Building terraces on Mount Padang centered on a flat stone called pangcalikan. This stone building was in such a cupola was built in 1999 by relatives of interpreters maintained. Cupola building facing south measuring 4.42 x 4.62 m standing on land that is higher than surrounding areas. The land is bounded by a stone fort talud with a length of 11.76 m and a width of 12.80 m. Pangcalikan consists of two chunks of stone. Large stone measuring 114 cm long, 69 cm width, and thickness 14 m. Medium-sized stones smaller length of 45 cm, width 28 cm and 10 cm thick. To the south there were six stone pangcalikan upright and on the north there is an upright stone. In the north (rear) building the cupola there is a stretch of stone shapes and sizes vary. The distance from the boundary to the expanse of stone fort talud is 3.53 m.
In the north there is the tomb building. The tomb is marked by a high stone measuring 44 cm, width 25 cm and 16 cm thick. The distance between the tombs with stone fortress talud 4.85 m.
At the site of Mount Padang there is a pond called cikahuripan and 3 small wells as water source. Small ponds and wells are located to the north of the core pages. Swimming Cikahurupan length 4.80 m and a width of 3.70 cm. In the north pond cikahuripan is ± 4.90 m, there are three small wells as a source of flowing into the pond Kahuripan through the ground.
Mount Padang Pangcalikan sites associated with the Kingdom Galuh. Told that the Maharaja Sri Adi Mulya is a king of Galuh work. At the time he ruled very respected people. He had two wives who first named the Dragon Ningrum berputra Ciung Wanara and the second Goddess who berputra Hariang Pangrengep Banga. While he ruled assisted by a duke named Aria Kebonan and a longser. Aria Kebonan was a duke who is quite capable so that all the king's command can be executed better. On the day of small liver duke aspired to be king. This desire becomes increasingly so with a vengeance Kingdom Galuh be captured. Raja Maharaja Sri Adi Mulya felt excluded and finally he went to the west meant exile and imprisoned in a place and disguised by changing its name to Ki Hajar Sukaresi. Some say to remove the rough trail to the two bodies are also converted into a huge snake named Dragon Wiru. Once imprisoned, assisted by Giri Dawang, he intends to reclaim the throne of Kingdom of Galuh. Can be recaptured after the royal kingdom was left to his son that is Ciung Wanara the west and east Hariang Banga. Place when imprisoned and getting organized is called Mount Padang which until now could still be seen to be a much visited place berjiarah.
Mount Padang Pangcalikan site is ancient relics associated with the religious system of ancient society. Development for the tourism sector should pay attention to environmental factors and symbolic meanings associated with the religious past. Rocky trail toward complex sites need to be maintained so as not to eliminate the symbolic meaning of noble cultural values.
Location: Jl. Achmad Dahlan, the environment Rancapetir, Village Linggasari, Cikoneng District
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