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In the middle of town Ciamis precisely on Jl. Achmad Dahlan, the environment Rancapetir, Village Linggasari, District Ciamis, precisely at the coordinates 07 º 19'48, 7''latitude and 108 º 20'54, 2''BT. there is a tomb complex known as Jambansari. The site is located at an altitude of 233 m above sea level. Around the complex is residential except in the south of the form fields. This site is the tomb complex Raden Aria Kusumadiningrat Duke, Regent Ciamis to-16, who reigned from 1839 to 1886. The site is located in an area of ​​4 hectares. On land there are complex but there is also the tomb of paddy land. Ciamis Regent tomb complex which is managed by the Foundation Kusumadiningrat was built in 1872.
Jambansari complex surrounded by a high wall about 2 m. The gate for entrance to the tomb complex Jambansari on the east side, with buildings such as egg shape. To enter the tomb complex past the stairs trap. In the middle of the tomb complex of buildings there is a very strong cupola made of teak wood. Pyramid-shaped roof of the cupola. Inside the cupola there is the tomb Kanjeng Prebu RAA Koesoemadiningrat, Regent Galuh Ciamis. All around the cemetery there are several graves of relatives and their descendants Prebu.
Inside the complex there is a storage building heirlooms like yoni, lingam, menhirs, Ganesha, gongs, kris, ceramics and others. In addition to storage in the building heirlooms, there are also statues collected in weregu grove of trees beside the building. Total of all statues in the complex is 13 statues. According to cemetery caretaker, statues contained in this site are collected by the RAA Kusumadiningrat. The collection is done in order propagation of Islamic religion, so for those who have statues or idols are required to be collected at that location. Statues found at this location in between the form of megalithic statues, statues type Pajajaran, Nandi, Ganesha, and the phallus. Also in this location there is also a stone mortar and pedestal statue
By visiting the tomb complex is actually the pilgrims will get two information. First on the history of the struggle Kusumadiningrat RAA, and a second pattern of Islamisation Kusumadiningrat conducted by the RAA. How does he respond to the religious past is reflected in the condition of Hindu statues are collected in the tomb complex. Development of the tourism aspect of pilgrimage on this site is supported from keletakannya the downtown and the availability of facilities for visitors at the site.

Location: Village Sukanegara, District Lakbok
Coordinates: 07 º 19'48, 7 "S, 108 º 20'54, 2" E
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