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Purwakalih site easily accessible by public transport or four wheels, the Free-Cisarua majors, or Sukasari-Bulbulak. With the boundaries of the site, stalls on the north, south cliff Write Stone station, west of Jalan Jalan Batu Lawang Gintung-Write and east of the stalls.
Purwakalih site has 39 m² area, in which there bercungkup building measuring 6 m², located on the side of the road Lawang Gintung, including into the Rt.I / Rw.II, Village Stone Write, South Bogor sub-district. Located at coordinates 106 ° 48 '557 "longitude and 06 ° 37'391" LS, with a height of 327 above sea level.
Formerly people familiar with the name of this site Galih Purwa site, but now local communities commonly known as Purwakalih sites, and this site is considered as one of the entrances to the palace Pajajaran Kingdom. In 1911, still noting the name of Purwa Pleytte Galih. There are three statues which, according to the narrative of the locals called the Statue of Purwa Galih, Galap Penanjung nyawang and roe. The third statue is found in the Chronicle Pajajaran written in Sumedang in 1816 at the Prince Regent Kornel, later excerpted in the form poetry (song) in 1862.
Purwakalih site was discovered by accident in 1991, at the time of excavation ground by workers who were carrying out road widening. Found statues of stone that is located ± 300 m south of the existence of the site Stone Write and ± 200 m north of the Stone Sepulchre Kramat Write, during the leadership of Mayor Suratman. Findings Purwakalihnnya site, consisting of:
Arca 1; not proportional.
Arca 2; not intact, the legs cut off and his hands crossed on his chest together, there is no such cut off his head by a fragment of a sharp weapon.
Arca 3; hands together at the chest with his head hooded.
The site consists of flat stones, menhirs and megalithic statues patterned, amounting to 7 pieces. To reach the location of the site, pretty easy. Budaza potential is quite good when dikembanghkan as cultural attractions. Means that addressed adequate softly, so that visitors who use four-wheel can park freely, do not park on the edge of public road.

Location: Jalan Gintung Lawang village, Batu Tulis, Southern District of Bogor.
Coordinates: 06 ° 37'391 "S, 106 ° 48 '557" E
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Directions: The site Purwakalih easily reached by public transport or four wheels, the Free-Cisarua majors or Sukasari-Bulbulak.
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