Inscription Tread Elephant

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Inscription Tread Elephant / I Coffee Plantation is located ± 19 km southwest of the city of Bogor, can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles up to the location. Can use the route-Ciampea Bogor-Simpang Lebak Sirna-Ciaruteun Downstream (location). Additionally using route-Ciampea Bogor (± 45 minutes), and up at the Crossroads Lebak Sirna followed by motorcycle motorcycle ± 1.5 km down to locations.
Inscription included in Ciaruteun Ilir village, district. Cibungbulang. Located at coordinates 106 ° 41'25, 2 "longitude and 06 ° 31'39, 9" LS with a height of 320 m above sea level. Areas of the site bounded by three rivers, namely the South: Ciaruteun River, West: Cianten River, North: River Estuary and River Cianten Cisadane, West: River Ciaruteun. From there Cisadane River Cianten and boat crossing to the site. Site soil was fertile and utilized by the residents by planting rice, vegetables, bamboo and other perennials. In this area there are three inscriptions, namely Ciaruteun, Kebon Coffee (Tread Elephant) and Cianten Estuary, as well as the remains of megalithic stones dakon among other things, menhirs, megalithic stone statues flat ..
The presence of these inscriptions are known under the leadership of the report Bataviaasch Genootschap Kunsten van en Wetenschappen in 1863 AD Formerly these inscriptions are in Muara village not far from the place commonly called the stele inscriptions Ciaruteun Kebon Coffee. So called because the area was a former coffee plantation owned by Jonathan Rig, which has reported a second inscription to the "Department of Antiquities" in Jakarta. Locals call it the stone elephant footprint because the inscription was found a pair of elephant feet.
The inscription carved on a flat rock from andesite material sized brownish height 69 cm, width 104cm and 164 cm. On the surface a pair of carved stone elephant feet and flanking line of Pallava lettered writing in Bahasa Sangsakerta written in the form poetry with rhythm anustubh India. The contents of writings about a pair of elephant's feet are like the king of the Kingdom Taruma Airawata foot of the mighty elephant. This inscription is not equipped pertanggalan and estimated made in the 5th century AD the kingdom of Tarumanegara. Over the alphabet and the translation has been published by J.Ph. Vogel (1925 AD), The Earliest Sanskrit Inscription of Java. POD 1, HI. 17-35. Contents script is:
- Jayayiqalasya tarumendrasya hastinah - airavatabhasya vibhat padadvayam dam.
Here appears a pair of legs ... like Airawata, dashing ruler Taruma (which) ... and great in glory.
In the inscription says that the elephant named Airawata that brought victory in the war (glory) to the ruler Tarumanagara who would always ride when he went to war. Name of elephants Airawata clear from the name of the god Indra riding the elephant (the god of war) in Hindu mythology.
This inscription is now placed at the beginning of the village of incoming Estuary, on the land area of ​​100 m and a barbed wire fence as high as 1.20 m and has laid out quite beautifully. Objects also have been placed in a traditional architecture building measuring 7 x 7 m. Traditional building using wooden shingle roof, concrete pillars resemble the shape of palm trunks, floor stone structure that cemented gravel.
In this area there are 3 pieces Ciaruteun important for historical inscriptions Tarumanegera kingdom which is the great empire that ever existed on the island of Java in the second century AD 5-7, the inscription Kebon Coffee I (Inscription Tread Elephant), Inscription Ciaruteun, and Inscription Estuary Cianten. Coffee Kebon Inscription Inscription Ciaruteun I and has been styled and given a cupola (shade) and entered the village of Bogor District Ciaruteun Government has made arrangements to make the gate for the benefit of tourism. The condition is fairly easy road to the location, but the highway has not been equipped with a guide. Road conditions at the site is adequate.

Location: Village Ciaruteun Ilir, District Cibungbulang
Coordinates: 06 ° 31'39 "S, 106 ° 41'25" E
Direction: ± 19 km southwest of the city of Bogor
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