Inscription Estuary Cianten

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Inscription Cianten Estuary is located ± 19 km southwest of the city of Bogor, can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles up to the location. Can use the route-Ciampea Bogor-Simpang Lebak Sirna-Ciaruteun Downstream (location). Additionally using route-Ciampea Bogor (± 45 minutes), and up at the Crossroads Lebak Sirna followed by motorcycle motorcycle ± 1.5 km down to locations. Inscriptions found in the village of Muara Cianten Estuary, Ciaruteun Village, District Cibungbulang. In geogrfis located at coordinates 106 ° 41'28, 5 "longitude and 06 º 31'39, 9" LS with a height of 320 m above sea level.
The inscription was first reported his discovery by the NW Hoepermans in 1864, is located on the banks of the River Cisadane and ± 50 m into the estuary Cianten. The inscription is located ± 600 m north of Inscription Kebon Coffee, with lower soil keletakan ± 10 m. Objects still in the place of origin (in situ), located 2 m from the cliff southwest Cisadane River, where Cisadane River and the River is flooding and overflowing Cianten, inscriptions submerged river water and often used as a base for washing clothes. Streams carrying sand or small stones and as a result of human activity is damaging the condition of this object.
This inscription is a surface stone is smooth because the process of refining or scour the river water continuously for a long time. It is not known and need careful observation. The inscription is written on a stone measuring Height 140 cm, length 317 cm and 148 cm wide. The inscription contains the text / images (pictographs) in script curls (curly lines are tangled around the bush) and has been very worn until now have not been able to decipher.
Inscription Cianten Estuary has not done rescue, removal from the middle of the river estuary Cianten to a safer location is on land. It should be immediately carried out rescue and care of the inscription as it is one inscription relics thought to have come from the Kingdom of Tarumanagara.

Location: Kampung Muara, Ciaruteun Village, District Cibungbulang
Coordinates: 06 º 31 '399' S, 106 ° 41 '285 "E
Direction: ± 19 km southwest of the city of Bogor
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