Site Kujang Stone I and II

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Administratively located in Village Tenjolaya Girang, Cisaat Village, District Cicurug. The site is situated on the slopes of Mount Salak in the area of ​​the surging. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 45'09 latitude and 106 ° 44'39 "longitude.
Areas of restricted sites Cisaat River on the east, north of the agricultural land, meeting Cileueur streams and rice fields to the west, and meetings as well as flow and Cileueur Cisaat River in the south. Site area .. This limited-wire fence. In the bamboo tree grows, Laban, jackfruit, durian, resins, harendong, and shrubs such as honje, barking, and HANJUANG. To go to the site, two-and four-wheeled vehicles can only reach the nearest village, the village Tenjolaya. Next proceed on foot. Uphill path and must pass to reach the site. Another challenge is the air cold enough at the height of the site's reach 800 m above sea level.
Site Kujang Stone I and II is the site of the land surface sloping to the north increasingly higher. In some parts of the land is restricted so that the stone structure is formed punden land terraces. Such a form of land divided into two, the first part which is located in the eastern part of the site and the western part of the site. The second part is bounded by a stone embankment.
At the lower or most southerly of the first part of the site there are three menhirs measuring 79 cm high, 67 cm and 60 cm. Terrace above it there is no archeological remnants. On the next terrace there are 3 menhirs lined with height 92 cm, 52 cm, 95 cm. In addition, there are irregularly shaped flat stone. In the fourth and fifth terraces are not found archaeological relics.
The second part of the site has a land form that is almost the same as the first part of the land. The first terrace there is a long stretch of rock measuring 135 cm, 120 cm width, and height 6 cm. In the vicinity there is a stretch of stone menhirs height measuring 79 cm long flat stone measuring 120 cm, width 34 cm and 11 cm thick; dolmen a length of 116 cm, width 52 cm and 13 cm thick, and the expanse of rock measuring 200 cm x 160 cm. On the second terrace there is a natural stone. On the next terrace there is a menhir measuring 147 cm high, another menhir-shaped bent measuring 105 cm high. On the next terrace there are 3 menhirs and stone flat. Height of each menhir is 53 cm, 130 cm, and 90 cm, while the flat stones in size 90 mx 60 cm. On the third terrace there is a menhir measuring 71 cm high, and two flat stones, each measuring 90 cm x 37 cm and 54 cm x 46 cm. In addition, there is a circular stone structure with a menhir measuring 90 cm high. On the fourth or the highest terrace there is a 2m diameter circular stone structure in the middle there is a menhir with a cleaver-like shape as high as 208 cm. This menhir by the society called the Stone of Kujang. In the east there is a menhir stone cleaver measuring 52 cm high. On this terrace there are also natural stones that lined each measuring 205 cm x 57 cm x 13 cm 173 cm x 24 cm x 8 cm; 287 cm x 67 cm x 9 cm. Other remnants of this terrace is a stone jolang measuring 180 cm x 107 cm with a hole depth of 14 cm.
In addition to the fenced area at this location there is a natural stone measuring 180 cm x 75 cm by the stone called corpse. Other archaeological remains of menhirs as high as 95 cm.
Location: Kampung Tenjolaya Girang, Cisaat Village, District Cicurug
Coordinates: 6 ° 45'09 S 106 ° 44'39 "E
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