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Cultural relics that are so widely known by the public in the form of Stone Kutajaya is scratched, even better known as 'Stone scratched Kutajaya', administratively located in Kampung Kutajaya, Kutajaya Village, District Cicurug. The village is situated on hilly terrain with undulating surfaces. This location is easily accessible due to the paved road had reached this village. Four wheel drive vehicles only reached the edge of the highway, then continued on foot about 100 m. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 44'56 "latitude and 106 ° 46'04" longitude.
Scratched stones are on land owned by Haji Sukardi family and was in the cupola and wire fenced measuring 12.5 mx 5 m. Scratched stones found around settlements and open land that dinafaatkan as plantation area by residents. Scratched stones originally located on land next to the surface is higher. The rock avalanche from its original place because of the excavation. In the original there are remnants of past human life in the form of menhirs measuring 118 cm high and some family graves Haji Sholeh.
Stone is the remains of humans that lived in prehistoric times. Named after a rock scratched because of the scratches on its surface. Initially there were scratches on the upper surface of the stone, while in what is now located on the west side of the stone. Scratches found on the stone spear form 5, the dots, tumpal and horizontal lines and vertical.
Location: Kampung Kutajaya, Kutajaya Village, District Cicurug
Coordinates: 6 ° 44'56 "S, 106 ° 46'04" E
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