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Administratively located in the village of Monument, Village Pasirhalang, Talbot District. The village is situated on hilly terrain with a bumpy surface. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 55'02 latitude and 106 ° 58'33 "longitude.
Talbot monument is located on the edge of the highway that connects the Talbot District - District Geger Bitung. The highway is also a separate area with other areas of the Village Pasirhalang. The location is situated on the edge of this highway monument Talbot made ​​very easy to reach. In the period surrounding the Declaration of Independence, this monument had been a boundary demarcation between the colonies and ground-controlled Republic of Indonesia.
Archaeological objects are named by the community as a monument and some are calling 'Monument Demat grandparent'. The object is the remains of human culture from megalithic tradsisi in prehistoric times. The object that is in the form of upright stones or menhirs of andesite. Menhir is not perpendicular but tilted to the north and the size is quite high, namely 230 cm. The monument is not the only ancient objects in this area, because no Approximately 50 m to the south of the monument there are two menhirs Talbot smaller than the Talbot monument.
Location: Kampung Tugu, Pasirhalang Village, District Talbot
Coordinates: 6 ° 55'02 S 106 ° 58'33 "E
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