Gede Monument Site

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Administratively monument site located at Kampung Cengkuk Gede, Village Margalaksana, District Cikakak. In astronomical site is located at coordinates 6 ° 53'45 "latitude and 106 ° 30'34" longitude.
Stus Area is located in a valley with a surface area of ​​2 ha of undulating land. Terrdapat around the site still functioned as agricultural land. In addition, around the site to grow bamboo trees and perennials, such as cloves and durian. Nearest settlement located on the north, the Village Cengku. In the west and south of the site there is a valley, while to the west of Mount Batu Layang there.

Based on cultural relics contained on this site, most likely site is the site of activity since prehistoric times down to a later period. The results of surveys and excavations conducted by the researchers shows the diversity of types and forms of cultural relics from this area. Identifilasi findings indicate the presence of remnants of pottery, ceramics, metal objects, stone tools, and stone monuments. Pottery that there are tubs, pots, bowls, footed bowls, jars, incense burner, jugs, and mortar. Existing form of ceramic bowls, jars, bottles, plates, vases, and boxes. Metal objects in the form of bells, pendulum, and the foot container. Stone tools that exist in the form millstones, stone mortar, pipisan, eye tumbak, pickaxe, and planer. Medium stone monuments that exist in the form jolang stone, dolmen, and menhirs. One of the largest menhir menhir measuring height is about 4 m 

Location: Kampung Cengkuk, Village Margalaksana, District Cikakak
Coordinates: 6 ° 53'45 "S, 106 ° 30'34" E
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