Cianjur Regency Hall

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Cianjur Regency Hall is the administrative center is located at Jalan Cianjur Siti Jenab. Administratively included in the Village Flower Kebon, Village Pamoyanan, Cianjur City. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 49'18 "latitude and 107 ° 8'42" East Hall is surrounded by four streets and in the same area there are several government buildings. Pavilion located in the urban environment and is the central city of Cianjur. On the front there is a square, the Great Mosque Cianjur, and one site that is quite important in the history of the choice of location as a city, ie springs, known as "white rhinoceros pangguyangan".
Pavilion is one of the most important buildings in the history of the city center of government, such as Cianjur. Now the hall is a complex of buildings because of the many other buildings. The complex contains a few remnants of past cultures other than the pavilion building itself. Building the pavilion was built in about the year 1780 after the old building destroyed by an earthquake in 1779. Pavilion building facing north toward the highway. In general, this building in a permanent housing with a mix of local and European-style buildings in the front porch of building artifacts and European-style pillars, doors and large windows. The roof made ​​of tiles and compound. On the back there is a pool and two "pitcher" and the stone upright. Pitcher is the hollow of a stone building about 70 cm tall and shaped flower buds. In addition, at the front of the pavilion complex is found large enough bell metal framed in 1774 that hung on pillars of concrete.
Address: Jalan Siti Jenab, Kampung Kebon Kembang, Village Pamoyanan, Kota Cianjur
Coordinates: 6 ° 49'18 "S, 107 ° 8'42" E
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