Land Castle Site

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Castle Land site is administratively located in the village guest house, Ciranjang Lower Village, District Ciranjang. The site is located in rural areas which can be reached by the two-wheeled vehicles. Four wheel drive vehicles can only reach the edge of the road linking the city of Bandung - Cianjur. The location is about 1 km from the main road and to achieve it must pass through settlements and paddy fields. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 48'24 "latitude and 107 ° 14'59" longitude. Citadel is a land of ancient human relics that indicate the area of human settlements of the past. Location of the construction of the fort flanked by two rivers, the River and River Ciranjang Cisokan. In the northern part of the site there is a watershed meeting Cisokan and Ciranjang. Fortress existing soil at this site reaches a height 7 m. The building of this fort stretches of land between the banks of the River Cisokan and Ciranjang along approximately 500 m. Now the area around the castle used as agricultural and residential areas. In the northern part of the fort, have been artifacts resulting settlements on one side and out of the fort was demolished to residents. At the north end of the site there is the tomb grandparent Sarangsang Landscape. The tomb marked the existence of two upright stones and brick overlay. The tomb is located at the confluence of Cisokan and Ciranjang. Locations frequented by pilgrims has the potential to be developed not just as an object of pilgrimage tourism. The location is high could to see the sights around him in the form of the two rivers flow beneath the surrounding hills and nature.

Location: Village guest house, Ciranjang Hilir Village, District Ciranjang
Coordinates: 6 ° 48'24 "S, 107 ° 14'59" E
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