Gunung Padang Site

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Administratively, the site is located in the Village of Mount Padang Cimenteng, District Campaka. The site is located approximately 50 km southwest of the City Cianjur at coordinates 6 ° 59.664 'S 107 ° 3.375' E. Site of Mount Padang is a relic terraces banguan punden prehistoric megalithic tradition. This site is one of the largest megalithic sites in Southeast Asia. The site is located on a hilltop surrounded by valleys and hills. In the southeast there is a Mountain Motel, on the southwest and there is Sand Mountain Four ancestor, in the northwest there Pogor Sand and Sand Gombong, and in the northeast there are sands Malang.
Building terraces punden Padang Mountain site is divided into five terraces conical and built with natural volcanic rock shaped rectangle. The first terrace is a terrace with the lowest and widest berdenah rectangle. On the road to the first terrace there are several upright stones on either side of the road. In front of this door there is a rectangular stone structure berdenah and some menhirs and stone mortar presence in the northeast corner. On the second terrace of stone artifacts, a large upright stones. On the third terrace there are five groups of buildings, mostly in the form of the upright stones. Some of the stones had collapsed. On the terrace there are blocks of stone in the middle and three buildings in the northeast. Southwestern part of the terrace is a vacant lot. The fifth terrace is the uppermost portion of this site. In this section there is an upright stone structure that form a rectangular space. Other remnants of a pile of monolith.

Location: Village Cimenteng, District Campaka
Coordinates: 6 ° 59.664 'S 107 ° 3.375' E
Directions: 50 miles to the southwest city of Cianjur
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