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Site Cibuaya administratively included in the Village area Cibuaya, District Cibuaya. Geographically this area is low plain with an altitude of 2-3 m. Locations are in the Cape of Falkirk is about 6 km from the coast. As in Batujaya, this region there are many remnants of the classical arkeologik. Attention to Cibuaya region began in 1959. When it examined the statue wisnu Boisselier found in 1951 and 1957. Further Archeological Research Center and National Heritage in 1977 doing excavations on Weak Duhur Wadon led Hasan M. Ambary. FS UI Department of Archaeology in collaboration with Research Center in 1984 Arkenas doing excavations in Weak and Powerless Duhur Duhur Wadon Lanang. 1992, 1994, Research Center for Arkenas conduct advanced research in Cibuaya. Until now the region has been found 6 Cibuaya site of ruins of a brick building, statue wisnu, pipisan stone, mortar stones, as well as pottery and ceramic fragments distribution.
The building is still somewhat intact is Weak and Powerless Duhur Duhur Lanang Wadon. Both of these names are names that have been commonly known by the local community. Weak Duhur Lanang are on dry land around a little hill which is a rice field. Administratively, this location is located in the hamlet Pajaten, Cibuaya Village, District Cibuaya exactly at coordinates 06 ° 03 '460' south latitude and 107 ° 21 '575 "East Longitude. This location is rather difficult to achieve because of the rural road passable by vehicles should be forwarded through the village along the road about 100 m. Having reached the end of the village and then still have to pass through the rice field paths winding around as far as 300 m. Thus in order to travel comfortably should be ready to walk that is only about 400 m from the highway.
Weak land where there are buildings Duhur Lanang berdenah circular area of ​​about 1000 m2. Land is also used for the common grave. However, it seems that the tomb does not have to be right on building Weak Duhur Lanang. Tombs mainly concentrated in the southern part of the land, while building Weak Duhur Lanang located on the northern land. The physical condition of buildings Weak Duhur Lanang is part of the foot rest of the building made of brick. Building sketch a rectangle measuring 9 x 9.6 m with a staircase entrance on the northwest side. Staircase entrance is found in damaged condition as well.
At the top there is a phallus measuring 1.11 m diameter of 40 cm in a state stuck in the ground. Linga is first found at the foot of the building collapse. Form of pseudo-phallus is the phallus that is only showing a square shape on the bottom and rounded at the top. Form of the phallus which is supposed to form the bottom square, octagonal in the middle, and rounded at the top. With the discovery of the phallus in one context with the collapse of buildings, it is certain that the building Weak Duhur Lanang berlatarkan Hindu.
In the northwest Weak Duhur Lanang there is about 1,500 m building Weak Duhur Wadon. Intensive on-site research was conducted in 1985 by the Department of Archaeology FS UI. The study found a sketch of the building is square with a size of 3.5 x 3.5 m. As the building Weak Duhur Lanang, this building was also used brick material. When found in a ruined condition of the only remaining part of the foot. There are indications that show the building facing east.

Location: Village Cibuaya, District Cibuaya
Coordinates: 06 ° 03 '460' S, 107 ° 21 '575 "E
Directions: 6 km from the beach in Tanjung Karawang region
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