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Family residences Djiau Kie Song was in Kampung Bojong Monument, Village Rengasdengklok, District Rengasdengklok. The house keeps a history of events before the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Environment where this house is a settlement that is not so dense. To the south of the house, across the village street and the rear garden of the house is an area of ​​rice fields. While in the west and east is home resident. Dwelling house located on the north coast region of low plain is located at position 06 · 09 '377' south latitude and 107 ° 17 '415 "East Longitude. The current location is a new location. Formerly located in the southwest of the present location is about 500 m, on the edge of the Citarum. Because it is often hit by floods and threatened collapse then moved to its current location.
Land pekarang new location is the extent of 150 m2. South side of the page boundary fence of bamboo, while the other boundary is not so clear. The house was built facing south. House size 9 x 6 extends to the side with a pyramid-shaped roof made of tiles. Whitewashed walls and pillars painted green made of wood, terracotta floor tiles form. The front of the house is an open foyer. The entrance was in the middle of the wedge of two windows. Doors and windows are also painted light green color.
Space is divided into three parts, namely in the middle, side rooms right (west), and the room next to the left (east). Space in the middle is a sort of family gathering room or living room. At the present time in the north of this room there is the altar praying. On the wall above the altar of worship framed photographs and photographs of Bung Karno Djiau Kie Song.
From the living room to the right side of the room through the door in the middle. Stored in this room bed (bed) of the former resting place of Bung Hatta. To the left side of the room as well as through the door in the middle. The left side of this room is the resting place of Bung Karno, mother Fatmawati, and Guntur Soekarno Putra. The beds formerly used, he also still stored.
Shelter Bung Karno and Bung Hatta just before the proclamation of independence of Indonesia is now is still a family owned Djiau Kie Song. For houses, this house is loaded with the noble values ​​when it's young struggle to realize the independence of Indonesia. Noble values ​​behind that historic event, which until now often studied through this legacy. In addition, young people today who visit this house will be moved to better understand the struggle at that time.

Location: in Kampung Tugu Bojong, Village Rengasdengklok, District Rengasdengklok
Coordinates: 06 · 09 '377' S, 107 ° 17 '415 "E
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