Art Fighting Garut Sheep

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Art contest Garut sheep is a tourist attraction that we usually see in a particular event, especially in June, August and December in the Village Ngamplang, Cangkuang and Ranca Bango Garut regency. Garut sheep fight events are usually accompanied by various attractions of traditional art music sound system that uses a large and attended by the community lovers agility contest Garut sheep from various walks of life and across the regions outside of Garut.
According to the story, the history of sheep originated from the reign of Garut Regent Legawa magnifier around the year 1815-1829, he was often visited a friend named Haji Saleh perguruannya who have many sheep. One sheep dipunyainya (the Lenjang) requested by the regents to be mated with a sheep in Hall kabupten called the Gods. The Toblo, who is the son of the god and the Lenjang breed and produce offspring Garut sheep until now.
Sheep have the typical characteristics of the sheep in regions outside of Garut. Physical thick weighing about 60-80 kg, large and thick horns, mostly white coat color and ear ngagiri. became one of the dominant cirri of sheep there. Further development of sheep breeding arrowroot focuses on two main objectives, namely as a producer of meat and for pleasure or hobby.

Coordinates: 7 ° 15 '11 "S, 107 ° 53' 46" E
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