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Rengasdengklok events than can be internalized through the inn Bung Karno and Bung Hatta also be interpreted through the memorial monument Determination. This monument was built on a land area of ​​1500 m2, which is the former location of PETA headquarters in Kampung Bojong Monument, North Rengasdengklok Village, District Rengasdengklok. Triangular-shaped monument land. Angles in the east is the entrance to the monument area. In front of this entrance road from Falkirk to form branching direction. One road, which is located on the north side of the monument area, rather menyerong from the east to the west a little to the north. Another road from the intersection in front of the monument area to the southwest. Both of these roads as well as the monument boundaries. Rear side of the monument adjacent to the dike Citarum.
Environment around the monument is a low plain. Site of the monument is at coordinates 06 · 09 '430' south latitude and 107 ° 17 '340 "East Longitude. The monument was built in 1950. In 1984 conducted by the Public Works Department pemuggaran Khanewal district. Restoration was last performed during the reign of President Megawati Sukarnoputri.
The condition of the park with monument monument building. After entering the gate there is a path to the core part of the monument. At the front of the south side there is a stone structure that forms the number 17, the middle is a circular path to form the number 8, and in the north there are rocks formed order number 45. There is a page right middle Determination monument stands on the shelf a square measuring 15 x 15 m. At each corner of the shelf there is a monument on which there is a form of bamboo spears. Middle of the sides there is also a kind of monument but not fitted shape bamboo spears.
In the midst of this shelf stands Determination shaped monument consists of three parts. The bottom is a sort of base measures 3 x 3 m arranged in staircase-steps comprising five steps. On it is a box-shaped body part. In the panels that are in front of terdpat text of the proclamation. On top of this section there is a large spherical shape surrounded by four little balls on each corner. In the article there is a large ball 17 Aug 1945. On top of these there is a big ball of the hand (left) fist upward with the palm facing forward (toward the entrance). Such forms as if menggambarakan a shout "freedom!".
In the background there is a curved panels made up of three parts. Parts of the southern end there are reliefs depicting the events of the Japanese surrender to the Allies. Furthermore, the center decorated relief panels depicting events Rengasdengklok, namely the preparation for the proclamation of independence of Indonesia. At the north end of the relief panels depict the events of 16 August 1945 until the proclamation of independence of Indonesia on August 17, 1945.
Rengasdengklok events initiated by the Japanese surrender to the Allies on August 15, 1945. Before Japan's surrender, on that day also have formed some 70 battalions PETA in Java and 50 companies in Sumatra. News of the Allied defeat of Japan has been heard in Jakarta on August 14, 1945 by young men who worked in Sendendu (Propaganda Office of Japan) through a radio broadcast of San Francisco. News Japan's surrender was formally on August 15, 1945 was captured by Soeroto Koento and Soebianto Djojohadikoesoemo via Allied radio broadcasts. They both then break the news to the Command Center in the dorms Budi PETA Glory Jakarta. Figure that when there is Kemal Idris, Daan Mogot, Jopie Bolang, Daan Jahja, Oetarjo, and Islam Salim.
The platoon commanders were then contacted PETA Abdoel Kadir And Yon at his home corner of Jl. Surabaya and Jl. Diponegoro, Jakarta. The officers MAP was determined to take steps to save the position of the Indonesian nation by utilizing the vacuum, because the Japanese had surrendered, but the Allies have not come. The students from the hostel Prapatan 10, Cikini Kingdom 71 and the students agreed that John shared Daan And Tons Soebianto Djojohadikoesoemo immediately went to him with Bung Hatta, Bung Karno willing to immediately proclaimed the independence of Indonesia. At the same time the youth group from the hostel Menteng 31, include Chaerul Saleh and Soekarni Bung Karno has come with the same intent. Both groups of youth are failing to get his wish. To be more robust and joined them.
In Jakarta, the situation is expected to be critical because there will be a revolt against the Japanese. Soekarni youth, And Tons Singgih, and health officer Dr. Yon I Soetjipto of PETA Jakarta escort Bung Karno and Bung Hatta to Rengasdengklok. In Rengasdengklok on the morning of the event took place disarmament and internment by the Japanese army troops under the command MAP Umar Bachsan And Ton, and Ton Affan, and Dan Ton Soeharjana. Camat Hadipranoto lowered the Japanese flag and hoist the Red and White. This event that marked that on August 16, 1945 Rengasdengklok is the first area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia is already independent.
Bung Karno and Bung Hatta was saved to a local company Soebeno MAP. Here, the two leaders engage in a dialogue with youth and PETA are finally reaching a determination to proclaim the independence of Indonesia. And Yon II MAP Jakarta with Dan Ki Setiadi Kartohadikoesoemo arrived from Purwakarta reported readiness to support the proclamation of the whole range of MAP. Bung Karno and Bung Hatta finally returned to Jakarta accompanied by Mr. Soebardjo who came from Jakarta to pick her up. Finally on August 17, 1945 was proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Indonesia on Jl. Pegangsaan 56 East Jakarta.
That sequence of events that led the proclamation of independence of Indonesia. From Rengasdengkloklah Indonesia's independence. Unfortunately the recording of these events can not entirely be painted on the monument of Independence Proclamation Monument Determination of RI. Might be more pronounced when the monument was built in the area of ​​a museum that displays the sequence of events Rengasdengklok.

Location: Kampung Tugu Bojong, North Rengasdengklok Village, District Rengasdengklok
Coordinates: 06 · 09 '430' S, 107 ° 17 '340 "E
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