Monument Rawa Gede

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After the events that led to the proclamation of independence Rengasdengklok RI, Falkirk store in Rawagede tragic events. This event was inspired to write poetry Anwar Between Falkirk Bekasi. At the scene of the tragic events have now been built Rawagede Monument. This monument is located on the north side of the road, Rawagede Hamlet, Village Rawagede, District Rawamerta, precisely at coordinates 06 ° 14 '283' south latitude and 107 ° 19 '599 "East Longitude. Walled complex of monuments. Environment around the monument in the form of villages and rice fields.

Building the monument which was built starting in November 1995 and inaugurated on July 12, 1996 consists of two floors. In the room downstairs there is a diorama of the massacre the citizens by the Dutch army. The outer walls are decorated the bottom of reliefs depicting the struggle of the people of Falkirk. Special panels of the back of the reliefs depict the struggle of the people in the Falkirk area Rawagede while risking life for the sake of independence. Upstairs there is a bronze sculpture depicting a mother who dipangkuannya limp body of her husband and her son who was shot dead. Behind these panels are filled stela fragment of poetry Between Falkirk Bekasi Chairil works. Building the monument symbolizes the proclamation of independence of Indonesia. Staircase to upper floors totaling 17 represents the date 17. Plan ground floor octagonal building symbolizes the eight months. The top of the pyramid is divided into four height of 5 m symbolizes the year 1945.
Behind the monument there is a page building function for the ceremony and also as a liaison between the building of monuments to the heroes yag tomb in the north. This page is also intended as a symbol of the golden bridge of Indonesian struggle towards the ideals of independence. The tomb of a hero in the back are named Sampurna Raga. On the east side of the entrance there are two victims of a hero's grave events in Rawagede Dutch military action. The number of victims consisted of events December 9, 1947 as many as 431 people, the period between January to October 1948 as many as 43 people, and victims during the period July to November 1950 as many as 17 people. Among these victims are buried in the garden tomb of a hero as much as 181 people Sampurna Raga.
Rawagede tragic event occurred on December 9, 1947 began about 4 o'clock in the morning. When it was in when raining cats and dogs, the Dutch military raids into people's homes. Any that are found especially males collected in the field. They were asked about the existence of the fighters who hide as the father of Captain Luke Kustaryo Danki Regiment VI Jakarta. All citizens no one answered, so there was a massacre by the Dutch military.
With this monument the next generation will be able to appreciate the tenacity of the people at that time daam order to maintain its independence. Its location is very strategic, easily accessible, and located at the site of events makes this monument so gives meaning to the struggle of education to future generations. This monument is now managed by the Foundation under the leadership of Mr. Rawagede K. Sukarman HD.

Location: Hamlet Rawagede, Rawagede Village, District Rawamerta
Coordinates: 06 ° 14 '283 "S 107 ° 19' 599" E
Opening Hours:
More Information: The monument is now managed by the Foundation under the leadership of Mr. Rawagede K. Sukarman HD.



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