Gedong Papak

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Gedong Papak located at Jalan H. No. Juanda. 100, administratively included in Margahayu Village, East Jakarta District. Then located at the geographic position at 107 º 00 '.359 "longitude and 06 º 14' 641" with a height of 31 m above sea level. This place is easily accessible by public transport or private vehicles (4 wheel or wheels 2).

The building has an architecture very different from the new buildings around it. Flat roof in the form of cast cement, looks different from the building in general. Therefore, a flat roof or a flat then the building was called the Gedong Papak. The building is right facing westward, or Road H. Juanda, on the south PDAM Surabaya, on the north PDAM Surabaya, and in the east houses.
The building does not have a unique component, and the pillars of the front side, north side has a new ceramic coated green striped (resembling natural stone). Brownish yellow wall paint. The door on the west side and north side, each of which has two doors, on the east side much changed by dismantling the wall is replaced with a door, the south side does not change even if the window has been given tralis iron with modern decorative patterns. Formed on the flat roof used as a storage tub. These changes occurred in this building was made possible because it has been switching function as a mosque for employees of the Office of Space and Settlement procedures Bekasi, taps and Telkom Bekasi Bekasi. The condition is relatively well maintained building.
Gedong Papak has a building area of ​​2500 m², and was built in the area of ​​land measuring 1.5 acres ±. Besides Gedong Papak in the immediate surroundings there is a parking lot or vehicle wheel 2 wheel 4 employees and guests of the office space layout and Resettlement Office Bekasi, taps and Telkom Bekasi Bekasi.
Based on the narrative of community elders Bekasi, no clear function or role or historical Gedong this Papak. Papak building was built in the 20th century during the colonial Dutch East Indies for the residence of the Dutch East Indies colonial government officials. Gedong Papak who has a very distinctive architecture has been widely known Bekasi community. Therefore, without changing the shape of the building very well when used as a public space in a series of increasing kecitraan or love of the area or areas of cultural Bekasi. It can function as a library, galleries, and so forth. In addition parking lot or at any time can be developed as a walkway (stage) for local art show.
Location: Jalan H. Juanda No. 100, Village Margahayu, District East Bekasi, Bekasi
Coordinates: 06 º 14 '641' S, 107 º 00 '.359 "E
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