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Saung is located in Kampung Cikedokan Rangoon, Cikedokan Village, District of West Cikarang, with keletakan at 107 º 0 '.204 "longitude and 06 º 20' 298" S ​​latitude, and altitude of 61 above sea level. Cikedokan village can be reached by using public transportation (public transportation) department Cikedokan Setu. The village location is somewhat remote Cikedokan from other villages. Cikedokan, said to be derived from the word "Ci" which means clear, and "mask" means dressing up. So have the meanings Cikedokan disguise, this is because ancestor-ancestor who came to Cikedokan are those in disguise, because the Dutch pursued.
Saung Rangoon by Mr Kuncen Tholib, built roughly in the 16th century, by Prince Rangga, son of Prince Jayakarta, which came later and settled in this area. This Saung Saung then known as Rangoon, was discovered in 1821 by Prince Abbas. In Sundanese means Saung Saung / house located in the middle of the field or the field for dry rice cultivation serves as a place to wait for rice or other crops that will soon be harvested. Saung usually made with height above the height of 3 or 4 feet above ground level. It is necessary to maintain safety for the gatekeepers of disruption beasts, such as wild boar, tigers and other wild animals.
Prince Jayakarta is a figure in the history of Betawi, especially Jakarta and Jakarta at the time of arrival of the Dutch who tried to instill authority over the area of ​​Jakarta and Jakarta and surrounding areas. Saung is part of the base Bekasi community resistance against the Dutch East Indies colonial government. The building was recognized by the community Jakarta, is the oldest building around the West Cikarang in particular and probably throughout Jakarta.
Saung Rangon standing on 500 m² of land, with the size of the building area of ​​7.6 mx 7, 2 m and height of buildings from the soil surface 2.5 m. Form Saung Rangoon is the home stage, facing south towards the door marked with the placement of the main staircase with 7 steps to get the fruit into the house; part in Rangoon Saung is the only open space and no bulkhead separates the room, although there is a room; Forms Ngapak towering roof (a roof consisting of two inclined plane) with the lid of the wooden shingles; walls made of boards and has no windows, and on the wall is an opening as wide as 30 cm which is to the left and right the way down, just inside the walls of the , while the upper wall outside attaches directly to the ceiling as the possibility of accidental ventilation, there is also the chamber walls are made of (bamboo); frame and poles made of wood; the bottom of the building (under construction) there is a place where objects heritage objects shaped like wells (now formed the floor); The surrounding buildings have been given a 1.20 m-high iron fence
Saung Rangoon looks now, is the result of renovation, remodeling before, but according to the recognition Kuncen (Interpreter Maintain) still consider the replacement of material and still maintain the preservation of this ancient building. Cikedokan community thought that the building was the forerunner Saung Rangoon them, so its existence Saung Rangoon highly respected and well maintained.
The purpose of making Saung Rangoon is first and foremost a place to retreat and hide from the pursuit of the Dutch. But at a later date Saung function Rangoon became a place to store a variety of heritage objects, and which rely more unique again that Saung Rangoon is now a place of pilgrimage oarng those who need "help" in dealing with the reality of life. The goal of pilgrimages are diverse, ranging from the desire for safety, a promotion or to request a blessing because it will do a celebration at his house. The people who come to Rangoon Saung not only local but some from outside Jakarta. Restrictions that exist when entering Rangoon Saung is not allowed to say rude words or "sompral". Saung Rangoon is not occupied exclusively by Kuncen but used as a retreat for people who come (guest) to ask for blessings or karama. Saung hectic Rangoon by visitors at certain times, especially Friday night POND, Saturday Suro, the Prophet's Birthday, Rajaban. Rituals are performed for the ancestor was led by Mr. Kuncen Tholib by using the means for offerings of flowers and fruits comprised 7 different dedicated to the ancestor with a prayer.
In each month Mawlid (AH) performed intent "Maulidan", by doing laundry heritage and continued with entertainment jaipongan (Sunda Bekasi) and shadow puppets typical of Jakarta (Betawi culture). Intention cultural activities (washing heirloom and maulidan) conducted in Rangoon Saung Traditional home page can be used as an attraction if developed as a cultural attraction.
Location: Kampung Cikedokan, Cikedokan Village, West Cikarang District
Coordinates: 06 º 20 '298' S, 107 º 0 '.204 "E
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