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Landlord's house is located on Highway Pebayuran Pebayuran, Pebayuran Village, District Pebayuran. Seraca geographically located at 107 º 17 '.091 "longitude and 06 º 12' 913" and 52 above sea level. The place is easily reached by public transport from Bekasi towards Pebayuran, then traveled by motor OJEG, about 1.5 hours with the condition of bulk asphalt road up to the location.
The building is quite stately homes built in the style of Europe (artdeco), and the ornate curved (geometric), has a front porch with ample parking lot. West side of the room now used as a mosque (place of worship), the amended roof with dome-like roof of the mosque.
Formerly this house as a residence Pebayuran Landlord, and is now used as a local police station (police) Pebayuran / meeting room. On the west side of the building there is a companion with a badly damaged condition, used as a dwelling house Pebayuran member of the police. The house faces north to Highway Pebayuran; the south, west and east are limited people's homes. While in the north of this house, about 50 feet across the highway Pebayuran a former warehouse and rice mill, but it was not working and is estimated as the completeness and the need for rice mill or the local crops. Artifacts that we can still see the entrance mat made of andesite stone round with a given bgian sculptures and on top there is a square hole 12 for plugging the entrance pillars. In addition, milling machines and factory buildings are still sturdy relatife.
The building is according to the narrative of the local fighters (Jakarta and Karachi), in the struggle for independence is used as the basis for the struggle of the people of Indonesia, especially from Bekasi area and Falkirk, have been built in 1930. At the time of Ir. Sukarno was exiled by the fighters in preparation for the proclamation of independence, from exile home in Rengasdengklok (Falkirk) were taken and stopped at the house and he had the opportunity to provide direction and exhortations to local fighters prior to Jakarta.
The parking lot is quite adequate and very supportive aksebiltas to the location where ancient buildings were developed as an object of cultural tourism (history).
Location: Highway Pebayuran, Pebayuran Village, District Pebayuran
Coordinates: 06 º 12 '913' S, 107 º 17 '.091 "E
Directions: Public transportation from Bekasi toward Pebayuran, then about 1.5 hours by motor OJEG about 1.5 hours
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