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This building is in residential and office environments. Situated on the edge of the highway No. Hasanudin. 5, the District of South Tambun or road connecting Tambun-Jakarta-Jakarta. Distance Bandung to Tambun around 95 km, and Tambun - Bekasi westward about 10 km, can be reached by public transport from all directions. Geographically, the building located at coordinates 107 º 05 '.455 "longitude and 06 º 25' 953 'latitude and altitude 33 m above sea level.
High building was originally owned by a landlord (landheer) Chinese Kouw Tjing named Kee. He seorarng wealthy landowner who owned land hektaran Tambun both in and outside Tambun. That they do business, among others, coconut plantations and rice farms. In running his company, he was helped by some of its workforce.
Since 1962, the High House has been purchased and owned by the Government of West Java Province. Historically, this building is a witness to history, especially in a series of historical events of national struggle. Some historical events during the period 1945-1949, taking place in this building which is used as the basis for the struggle. Later in the period leading up to independence struggle, the building was used as a base defense fighters Jakarta until the time of maintaining independence. So that the building is in addition called the High House also called the House Juang.
The main building of the High House is now used by the agency or agencies located within the County Government Bekasi as Library and two companion buildings are on either side of High House with a mixture of European and traditional architecture of Indonesia was used as the Veteran's office, offices and laboratories Fire Department of Health. Meanwhile, two other buildings is a new building that is used as the Office of Fire Prevention. Besides, on the west side there is an old building which has undergone a slight increase, especially at the front, so it still reveals the ancient buildings.
The building is disering called the High House, because it is the tallest building at the time of its construction in 1910 until after the period of independence and still maintain independence, including the highest building in Jakarta and surrounding areas. The building is facing south direction, namely toward the roadway that connects the city of Bandung-Jakarta-Jakarta is quite crowded. While on the north side there is the railway which menghungkan Bekasi East Java - Central Java, Jakarta and Jakarta are quite crowded. High Building occupies a land area of ​​± 2 hectares
The main building is called the High House have the length of 360 m and 243 m wide with a height of 24 m, has two floors with the architectural blend of European style (Gothic) and China, with the roof is quite steep and the peak shaped roof with red geteng. Physically, the building was constructed using the two pillars are made of cast cement. Bone straight striped buffer that has a floral ornament. 25 cm thick walls, and floor tiles in red floral. What is interesting in this building still showing originality, both in plan the space, ornament / decoration of buildings, floors and building components.
This building is facing south, behind which there is a road / rail. This facilitates access to the area, and it was located in an office environment. Building that has an ornament, decoration and building components is quite interesting, if developed as a highly prospective building Bekasi Regional Museum and Gallery. At Level 1 can be developed as the Space Gallery which exhibits works of art that evoke a sense of nationhood theme / nationalism Indonesia, according to the role that was once owned by this Appeal Building, the struggle of the people Bekasi in the war of independence of the Republic of Indonesia. While Level 2 was developed as a Regional Museum of Jakarta, for Jakarta area is quite full of heirlooms and cultural as well as weapons used by fighters ever Bekasi community.
If this potential can be developed for cultural tourism with the second theme, the Jakarta community that is increasingly heterogeneous will be able to stay awake a sense of regionalism and culture, in addition to the indigenous and immigrant Bekasi. Meanwhile, according to some sources, that this building will be used as Bekasi District Library Building, libraries should be able to occupy the building wing / companion (north side) is quite spacious and adequate.
Location: Highway Hasanudin No. 5, South Tambun district
Coordinates: 06 º 25 '953' S, 107 º 05 '.455 "E
Directions: 95 miles northwest of Jakarta, continued 10 miles from Bekasi to Tambun (can be reached by public transport from various directions).
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