Liem Thay Pagoda Soekong

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Thay pagoda Soekong Liem (Kong Siang Tee Kong) is situated at Jalan KH Fudolih, Village Shrine, Mercy Reef Village, District of North Cikarang. Located at coordinates 06 º 15 '294''LS and 107 º 08' 557''BT, with a height of 95 fit of the surface soil. Pagoda can be reached by public transportation to the North until the market Cikarang Mercy Reef. With limits, north to Road K.H. Fudolih, behind and the side adjacent to housing residents. Pagoda has a land area of ​​60 x 50 m.
Environmental pagoda is a township resident of Chinese descent seen in the buildings located on the edge of Jl. Raya Pasar Mercy Reef still seems some buildings with Chinese architecture had always been as shops. While Liem Thay Pagoda Soekong (Kong Siang Tee Kong) entered through the alley as far as ± 20 meters, but visible from the street. This building has undergone many changes, last renovated 2 years ago (2005). Parts of the original buildings are still visible on the main door into the main room pagoda, a kuzen doors with 2 doors right and left, two drums, and crates. Drum, has no decoration or engraving, is still used as a tool tetabuh at the Cap Go Meh (Chinese New Year). While worship crates for storage equipment. Main deity mounted on the main altar is the God of Kong Siang Tee Kong (God of Luck), accompanied by the Gods Companion Tjeng Sin Hok Tek and Kwan Tee Kaen.
This pagoda as one proof that the District Bekasi since the 16th century AD has had trade relations with China and the cultural acculturation has occurred peacefully.
Chinese cultural activities of the Chinese community in the village of Karang Asih, District of North Cikarang may play a role in presenting cultural diversity while deploying the celebration of Chinese New Year (Cap Go Meh), such as carnival featuring a lion dance and various other traditional arts. Or Government scheduled Bekasi fixed annual cultural festival featuring cultural diversity that exist in the District of Bekasi one of them descendants of Chinese art from the community.
Location: Road K.H. Fudolih, Pagoda Village, Mercy Reef Village, North Cikarang District
Coordinates: 06 º 15 '294''S, 107 º 08' 557 'E'
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