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Historic Houses in Complex Garuda Kalijati E 25 Lanud Suryadarma, administratively included in the West Village area Mat, Mat District. This location is precisely positioned 06 · 31 '426' south latitude and 107 ° 39 '660' east longitude, about 25 km from the town of Subang. To reach this location when reached from Jakarta by toll road Sadang as far as 170 km or about 2 hours and 30 minutes, reached from Jakarta by toll road Sadang as far as 78 km or about 50 minutes.
Historic Houses Subang are objects of high historical value for the people of Indonesia. In this place, on March 8, 1942 has been carried out to the Japanese surrender of Dutch rule, which is marked by the signing script unconditional surrender to the Japanese Dutch power. With the signed agreement as a whole ended the Dutch rule in Indonesia.
Historic moment towards the Dutch surrender to the Japanese is the landing of Japanese troops in tow Wetan on February 28 before March 1, 1942. Troops led by Colonel Shoji is tasked to storm and occupy air bases Kalijati Subang. When the Dutch and British troops reinforced Landswacht and Standswacht not withstand the attack power of Japan and finally back to Bandung. Japanese troops chased through Ciater. On March 6, 1942 fierce fighting in Ciater. Not long after that Lembang as a gateway to Bandung successfully controlled the Japanese troops. This success forced the army KNIL (Koninklijk Netherlandsch Indische Leger) under the command of Lieutenant-General Terpoorten a ceasefire on March 7, 1942. This sequence of events that forced the Dutch surrender unconditional agreement on March 8, 1942.
Now, this Historic House Museum Kalijati be under the management of Culture and Tourism of Subang district. History House Kalijati many stores historical evidence for the Indonesian nation. Visitors can see museum collections relating to the Dutch colonial period and the Japanese in those days, especially the Dutch surrender to Japanese events.
Historic Houses Kalijati a postmodern style dwelling house measuring approximately 10 x 10 m, with a pyramid-shaped roof. Keletakan historical house on the southwest corner of the block facing east. Section front porch located on the north side of the open space. On the wall on the north side shows the image of the flag of the Netherlands, Japan, and Indonesia. The entrance was in the middle or on the south side of the front porch. Entering the space in the first part is a sort of living room. In this room is now stored historic items relating to perjanian unconditional surrender of the Dutch to the Japanese, among others, a warning inscription landing of Japanese troops, samurai Japan, Jar ceramics, glassware and some items of household appliances. On the left, or south of this room there is a front room. In this space framed old photographs of various events. Very interesting is the presentation of the events of the agreement the Dutch surrender unconditionally to the Japanese. The photographs arranged in chronological order and comes with a description (caption).
The living room and then go into the living room. This room is a place of execution of the agreement the Dutch unconditional surrender to the Japanese. In this room there are tables and chairs that formerly used the negotiations. Table made of wood covered in plaid tablecloths, black - white. While the seats are also made of wood, the seat and backrest made of woven rattan. Arrangement of tables and chairs be maintained as the position of the negotiations. Table with chairs in rows lengthwise position on both sides of the table each of the three seats. Rows of chairs next to the (south) is a Lieutenant Colonel PG seat Mantel, Lieutenant General Ter Poorten, and H. Major General of the Bakers. Outer row (north), which is close to a window seat Seisaguro Okazaki Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Hitoshi Imamura, and Drs. Thijs. Emblazoned on the wall paintings in the event of negotiations. On the left (south) there is room center hall. In the middle of the room besides the old photographs on display are also stored old equipment such as electric radio. Living room and then go into the room that serves as a kitchen.

Location: Village West Mat, Mat District, Komplek Garuda E 25 Lanud Suriadarma
Coordinates: 06° 31' 426" E, 107° 39' 660" S
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Directions: About 25 km from the town of Subang. To reach this location can be reached from Jakarta by toll road Sadang as far as 170 km or about 2 hours and 30 minutes, and from Jakarta via toll road Sadang as far as 78 km or about 50 minutes.
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