Netherlands Flight School

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Building the former Dutch Aviation School was also in the complex Lanud Suryadarma, Mat. Postmodern-style building that now for Engineering Education Wing and debriefing, the Air Force Education Command is, is at coordinates 06 · 31 '574' south latitude and 107 ° 40 '031 "East Longitude. Physical building the bottom of the stone material and the top of the brick. At every window and door there are horizontal lines as a characteristic of postmodern style. Entrance gate in the middle of the building is equipped canopy supported on two Tuscan columns. Part of this two-story entrance with pyramid-shaped roof.
Still in connection with the School of Aviation, now a living museum founded by the name of Amrita Air and Space Museum housed in the hangar Mandala E Lanud Suryadarma. Inside an old airplane hangar there are some who always treated so technically, every engine aircraft in good condition. Even some old aircraft capable of flying conditions. Such a condition is that an excuse for giving the term "living museum".
Aircraft hangar E inhabit such a versatile amphibious Grumman Goose airplane - Albatros with registration number PB - 521. Aircraft capable of carrying eight passengers is made in Canada. Next is a Lockheed 12 transport aircraft (C-40) are also made in Canada. The aircraft is capable of carrying six passengers. In addition to the two planes were still many other light aircraft including aircraft engine not (glider). Some light aircraft flying is still active, especially on Saturdays. The athletes practicing sports aerospace add skills every Saturday. The visitors who are interested are welcome to try any of the planes started flying gliders mild type.
Inside the museum there is one living room contains relics Dutch Aviation School. Objects such as telephone communication tools, clothing aviator, and the pot of rice to feed its Advanced Flight School cadets. In addition to the objects were also displayed old photographs flight school activities. On the walls of the room also was a picture of Marshal R. Suryadi Suriadarma.

Location: Complex Lanud Suryadarma, Kalijati
Coordinates: 06° 31' 574" E, 107° 40' 031" S
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