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Pensions work is located at Jl. No Ade Irma Suryani Nasution. 2. Administratively included in Kampung Karanganyar Karanganyar Village, Subang District, precisely at the position 06 ° 34 '263' south latitude and 107 ° 45 '557 "East Longitude. This location is very convenient because it is at the gateway to the city of Bandung Subang. Today this area is an area of ​​government offices and residential. In front of Wisma paper is an urban park that is always crowded. In the west are residential areas, as well as in the north. Geographical conditions of the low plain area slightly tilted to the north. On the east flows the small river called Kali Cipanggilingan.

Relics of the colonial buildings are located in an area of ​​about 1 ha. The west side, north and east while the iron fenced front (south) is an open courtyard as a public space. Pensions postmodern style building work consists of four rectangular berdenah surrounding units. Each of these parts, the bottom wall of stone material and the top of the brick. Reinforced front porch with stone pillars, square. The front of this building unit serves to advance the bar, the northern part of the room for bowling, and the eastern part of the hall.
Building work formerly Wisma Societeit, built during the company's P & T Lands PW Hofland. Founding of the company P & T Lands in the background of financial devisit Thomas Stanford Raffles. Some colonial powers of government land was sold to private. In 1812, Pamanukan and Ciasem sold to Muntinghe and Shrapnell. This region is then sold again in 1854 to Peter Wellem Hofland, who later named his plantation company P & T Lands (Pamanukan & Tjiasem Lands).
Hofland PW can be said is a successful businessman. As the holder of power of private land, he had full powers of government raised the so-called private Demat. These circumstances did not last long. In 1870 the policy abolished stelsel culture, as a result many investors get into Subang into an arch-rivals P & T Lands. Faced with all this P & T Lands must accept the reality of the change of status from private companies to airlines. On December 16, 1886 diubahlah be Maatschapij Eksploitative tot en van de Pamanoekan Tjiasemlanden. As the largest shareholder is Landbouw Netherland Company and Handelsbank.
In line with these changes, timbulah mengeksklusifkan community groups themselves. This group is often gather to socialize with each other. One of the buildings built during the renovation and Hofland PW on January 14, 1929 inaugurated the building Societet officials gathered for a place where performances, entertainment, complete with pool table, track bowling, and golf courses. Opening made by Mrs. W.H. Dauks. Renovations completed memorial inscription found on the wall at the southwest corner.
Location: Jl. Ade Irma Nasution No. Suryani. 2. Kampung Karanganyar Karanganyar Village, Subang District
Coordinates: 06° 34' 263" E, 107° 45'  557" S
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