Official House Camat Sagalaherang

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City District Sagalaherang constructed in accordance with the pattern of urban Islamic period. Central government buildings, mosques, prisons built around the square. Head Office Sagalaherang home in the south of the plaza. Administratively included in wiayah Sagalaherang Village, District Sagalaherang. Landscapes in this region a slightly undulating plain. As the area is located on the northern slope of Mount Tangkuban Parahu, the region's many tea plantations. Among the tea garden is also cultivated pineapple. Sagalaherang located in a strategic position because it is an alternative to cross the intersection Cirebon - Jakarta via Wanayasa.
One of the relics of the colonial old building is the home office Sagalaherang Head. The building houses offices located in the western part of this sub-district office complex pages, exactly in the position 06 ° 40 '454' south latitude and 107 ° 39 '173 "East Longitude. Administratively located in the hamlet Kitipik, Sagalaherang Village South, District Sagalaherang. The building houses the dominant color is white, was founded on the shelf floor. To enter the house through the ladder up on the north side of the west and east. Both are built in a curved staircase. First floor staircase of material terracotta tiles. These tiles are now ditutp cement plaster. In the middle shelf north side of the page there is an iron fence. The building houses berdenah rectangles measuring about 12 x 20 m. The front of the house is a ceramic-story open foyer. First floor of the foyer and the main room of the board material. In this gallery there are 12 poles Berpenampang lintar round. The bottom and square-shaped pole head. The central part protrudes into the foyer. On the right and left parts of the bay there are rooms each measuring 3 x 3 m. The second entrance to the room facing each other in the (west and east). On the north side of the room there are windows with jalousie shutters. The entrance to the main room in the middle, between the two front rooms. Door leaf is also a jalousie doors. Above the wooden doors decorated with an array of cross-cross pattern. Elongated pyramid-shaped roof.
Until now this building still functioned as the official residence of the subdistrict. With a well maintained building form and function, characteristic Sagalaherang city will not be contaminated. Such circumstances show that the city Sagalaherang is a planned city built in accordance with the Islamic urban governance.

Location: Hamlet Kitipik, Sagalaherang Village, District Sagalaherang
Coordinates :06° 40' 454" E, 107° 39' 173" S
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