Lime Stone (Legok Kiara)

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One archeological site in Subang that you can visit is Legok Kiara. Its location is unique, a small hill on the edge of the village street, located between Sagalaherang and Mat. The small hill has a height of about 70 m. Here've found various household appliances such as bronze bowls, ceramic objects, and pottery objects. It also never found the beads and iron crust. According to the report N.J. ROD Krom in 1913, this site had also found the statue of Maitreya which is then stored in the Royal Bataviasch van Kunsten en Wetenschappen, The Netherlands. Foreign pottery shards indicate place of origin, namely from the Tang Dynasty, China, and Thai ceramics. Some objects such as bronze bowls and beads now can you see in the Museum District Subang.
Location: Great Gurug Road, Kampong Batu Kaur Kaler Sagalaherang Village, District Sagalaherang
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