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Residence Building located at Jl. K.K. Singawinata south Situ Buleud. Administratively included in the village of Upas, Village of South Nagri, District Purwakarta, precisely at the coordinates 06 · 33 '543' south latitude and 107 ° 26 '803 "East Longitude. Residence Building construction is closely related to the residency status as the capital of Karachi Purwakarta. At the beginning of the reign of Regents Adiningrat Literature I (1854), became the capital of the Residency Purwakarta Falkirk. However, for some time, resident Falkirk Falkirk remain domiciled in the city. Within a certain time he came to Purwakarta. That was caused in the city has not built a building Purwakarta residency and there is no adequate transportation facilities. Position the city as a center of government Purwakarta residency, have led to changes in the situation of the city. Since that time the dynamics of life in the town of Purwakarta growing lead in modern life.
Residency in Purwakarta new building was built along with the construction of railways between Batavia - Padalarang through Purwakarta at the beginning of the 20th century. Karachi railway line - Purwakarta (41 kilometers) was inaugurated on December 27, 1902. Path until the Padalarang 1906. Thus, building residencies in Purwakarta probably built around 1902.
After the building was completed residency and rail transport Batavia - Padalarang through Purwakarta opened, residents moved from Falkirk Falkirk to Purwakarta. The existence of residency buildings with modern architecture, changing the atmosphere of the city leading to the modern city. In the days of Japanese occupation, the building became Kenpeitai Honbu (Police Headquarters) Japan, part of the troops Syoji Detachment. Apparently the Japanese understand the importance of Purwakarta to them. Since that time the situation and conditions in Purwakarta necessarily undergo change, both in government and in the socio-economic field. At the time of the revolution, the building functioned as the headquarters of the Residency Regiment Lieutenant Colonel V led Sumarna.
Residence Building occupies a wide area. The main building is in the middle of the page. In front of the main building there is a garden, as well as on the left and right. The main building architecture berlanggam Indische Empire Stijl. The shape and style of the building was similar to Pakuan Building (former House Residency Priangan) in Bandung. Floor of buildings elevated approximately 0.5 m from the page. To enter the main building there are two streets in the form of stairs located in the middle. The room was in front of an open roofed porch canopy of materials such as zinc. Roof pillars octagonal foyer with a typical colonial style of wood. Limiting the front porch bottom is a kind of patterned wooden fence Trawangan. On the front porch there are two rooms located at the far right and left. The entrance to the room, face to face on the inside. Leaved double room window. Exterior shutters are wooden window-sap prepared bersap (jalousie) and the inside of the window glass. Porch and space are connected by a door in front that looks like the bedroom door. The roof of the main building of material rectangular tile. Between the main building roof and porch roof vents are covered with star-patterned wood carvings Trawangan or interest angle. Such ornaments are also found on the side.
On the right and left main building there is a kind of pavilion-roofed buildings house the village extends to the rear. Between the pavilion and main building are connected through an open corridor (doorloop). Now the Residency building functioned for Purwakarta Regional Coordinating office.
Keletakan Residence Building in the heart of Purwakarta makes this building very strategic. This means that both local and immigrant communities will be easy with applicable Purwakarta history. Still retained both the architecture and functionality make this building as a means to better understand the Purwakarta especially from the political aspects of social history and architectural history in particular.

Location: Jl. K.K. Singawinata, Campus plashing, Nagri Village Kidul, Kecamatan Purwakarta
Coordinates: 06 · 33 '543' S, 107 ° 26 '803 "E
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