Traditional House Citalang

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Traditional House Citalang is one example of a traditional house Purwakarta community. The house is still maintained its authenticity is in the Gang Patinggi III, Karangsari Village, Village Citalang, District Purwakarta precisely at the position coordinates 06 ° 32 '371' south latitude and 107 ° 27 '822 "East Longitude. Citalang custom home neighborhood of settlements that are not so dense. Keletakan home located on land south of the village street. Despite its status as a village street, but this road has been paved pretty good. On the right and left of the yard while the yard in front and rear of the garden.
Building a house is right in the middle of the breadth of 1350 yards m2. The front side yard (north) gated iron, the other three sides are fenced plants. Entrance right in the middle of the north side. This position is proportional to the door of the house. Page used for the garden around the house. Building a house is a house on stilts berkolong or as high as about 0.8 m berdenah rectangle measuring 10 x 15 m. Tatapakan stone house that serves sustain numbered 28. The floor is made of woven bamboo material (chamber). Elongated pyramid-shaped roof to the rear of the roof material. Ladder to enter the house is a brick wall ladder consists of three steps. The front room is an open foyer.
At the northeast corner of the porch facing out there is the sign that read "RESERVE BUILDING CULTURAL OBJECTS AND VILLAGE CITALANG KUNA KAMPUNG Karangsari Purwakarta". Side of the right and left front porch fenced bamboo. So too there is a fence on both side. High fence is about 0.7 m. verandah Roof porch supported bersap two rows of eight columns each of the four pillars. Square pillar shape painted green. At the two poles are located on the inside are decorated with imitation deer antlers deer head. Floor foyer and also the entire house from bamboo plaiting materials.
The main entrance is only one in the middle, with two doors. On either side of the entrance there is a window that looks similar to the door. Space in a large room. Room only found on the west side of the center. On the east side there are three windows. The window on the west side is at the room and left the room right. At the rear there is a back porch.
Citalang Traditional House is a relic of Rd. Mas built Sumadireja ± 1905, designed by M. Nata Wireja (Amil Village Citalang) and M. Ruki (Village Elders Palumbungan) using simple tools. The house was built to house residence. At the time built Rd. Sumadireja Mas served as mayor Citalang III or III as Patinggi. Rd. Mas is the son of the Regent Sumadireja Brebes (Central Java) assigned to repel invaders struggled to Batavia (Jakarta) with three brothers and each carrying soldiers.
As a result of battle and the imbalance of forces with the Dutch troops, and then he pushed back. Beberapi time he moved in the area to avoid pressure from the Dutch troops, from Falkirk, Purwakarta, Citalang Plered to the last one he lived in the village of Citalang Purwakarta. He settled in the village of Citalang Purwakarta until his death in 1921. Rd. Mas Sumadireja died and was buried in Cemetery Sand Kerabau Citalang. Citalang custom home is now a family-owned analytical Endang Father.
These objects are very suitable as one tourist destination in Purwakarta. Simplicity, tenacity, and persistence Rd. Mas Sumadireja reflected in the condition of the custom house. No exaggeration to say that from this custom home can be obtained from the study of building materials not durable

Location: Gang Patinggi III, Kampung Karangsari, Citalang village, Purwakarta district
Coordinates: 06 ° 32 '371' S, 107 ° 27 '822 "E
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