Indigenous Ngalaksa

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Every season we can look at the event Rengkong dance ceremonies Ngalaksa accompanied by traditional dances Ngalaksa held every June. Ngalaksa is a kind of ceremonial rites to bring rice to the granary, Rengkong is a yoke to carry the rice with the hole. In the dance Rengkong axle carried by people walking to dance to the granary.
When people walk into the granary, the existing holes in the axle produces the sound of music that has the same rhythm with the people who walk to follow the ceremony. Society held a traditional ceremony Ngalaksa Rancakalong this for a week without stopping to the accompaniment of traditional art tarawangsa.
In general ceremonial ngalaksa have an intention as an expression of gratitude to the Almighty for the success and the success of the harvest obtained Rancakalong community in the village. Expressions of gratitude which is a burst of joy at the success of the harvest obtained by the public dibahasakan Rancakalong to shew the various traditional dances.
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