Fishermen on the Beach Party Pamayangsari

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Pamayangsari beach not far from the beach Sindangkerta or about 7 km from Beach Cipatujah. Pamayangsari beach is the center of fishing activities of fishermen in the South Coast Tasikmalaya. The beach is a fishing village is commonly held activities Fisherman party event held every year as an expression of gratitude for the ease and success in fishing the fishermen to God Almighty.
Apart from the goal as an expression of gratitude for the fishermen on fishing success obtained, the Local Government Tasikmalaya empowering and exciting event annual event has become a tourist attraction that can be enjoyed by tourists who come to this area.
Other attractions in this activity is fishing skills competition (knitting nets, making rope weights, tug boats, etc.), dialogue between the fishermen and local government, bazaar community that provides products and folk art performances. Fishermen party activities are usually held in December or mid-year.

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Coordinates: 7 ° 45 '3 "S, 108 ° 1' 33" E
Phone: (0265) 330165
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Directions: About 7 km from Beach Cipatujah
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More Information: Tourism Office of Tasikmalaya Regency, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No.2, Tasikmalaya


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