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Lombang sites located in the Village Lombang, Juntinyuat District about 20 kms northeast of Indramayu. Location can be reached by road Indramayu - Cirebon cross the north coast. On this site ever found fragments buried under the sand boat. Location findings are in northeast highway is approximately 200 m. Geographically, the location of the site is located at position 6 ° 24'29 "south latitude and 108 ° 25'28" East Longitude. Morphology is the area of ​​low coastal plain Java Sea. The river that flows in this area is Kali and Kali Glayem cork. Previously in this area flows genggong time. Now the river is expected to stay in the form of tracks and the location of the discovery of ancient boat on the river dead.
The boat was found by Wastirah and Tamirah, the villagers Lombang, in about November 1991. When they both dig soil in the garden, accidentally discovered the boat. Her findings are then reported to the authorities. Head Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture District Indramayu then forwards the report findings to the National Archaeological Research Center (Center Arkenas) and Asylum and Archaeological Heritage (Asylum PSP) Attack. Following up on these reports, on 4 - 7 December 1991 a preliminary survey conducted by a joint team and Asylum Research Center Arkenas Attack PSP. Starting December 20, 1991 rescue excavations carried out by Asylum Attack PSP.
Ekaskavasi managed to reveal a whole carcass of a boat. The wreck of the boat which was found a length of 11.5 m wide 3 m high at about 1.5 m. The part that still there is a strike (front boat), guri (back of the boat), celek (the mast), ivory (rib boat), galaran (board placed on top of ivory), and middle-aged (timber extends from the attack until guri). Grafting using nails.
Findings on the site Lombang ancient boat, now housed in a building at the site Tirtamaya Beach attractions, Lombang Village, District Juntinyuat. At the entrance of the building to store the boat there is a signboard "Boat Museum". By placing relics of ancient boats in the tourist attraction sites will provide plenty of information to visitors, especially regarding the maritime culture in Indramayu. Given the importance of relics of ancient boat was handling it needs more serious attention, because the location is threatened sea wave abrasion. When the Boat Museum building was built, the shoreline was located about 150 m and is currently home to about 20 m.

Location: Village Lombang, District Juntinyuat
Coordinates: 6 ° 24'29 "S, 108 ° 25'28" E
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Directions: About 20 km northeast of the City of Indramayu. This location can be reached by road Indramayu - Cirebon through cross-north coast.
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