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Traditional home located in Village Penjalin Penjalin, Village Panjalin, Cikalong Wetan. This location is about 23 km from Majalengka. To reach the location is relatively easy by foot and two-wheelers, four-wheeled vehicles can only reach the main road located in the east village. The distance between the road and custom house about 200 m. Astronomically this house is located at coordinates 6 ° 41'51 "latitude and 108 º 21'25" longitude.
Traditional houses built by Raden Panjalin Sanata. He is a descendant of Talaga who studied at boarding school Paging Mountain, near Kampung Penjalin. Raden Saneh Seruniyang married the daughter of the village elders Penjalin, a king Syahrani. King Syahrani itself is a descendant of Cirebon the persistent, died, and was buried in Panjalin. In this place he berkegiatan spread Islam. This house is very probably a relic from the Islamic period, in chronological order but can not be accurately ascertained.
The house is situated in the middle of the village settlement Penjalin. Houses in the form of houses on stilts with 16 poles of wood, measuring 9 x 9 m, and occupies an area of ​​172 m2. The house is divided into two parts: the front room and space inside. Both parts are constrained by the walls of wooden planks and equipped with a door. In addition to the space division of the house, the house is equipped with front doors and vents. The house has a front door located on the east side of the front of the house and use the stairs to reach the door. The front wall of the house made ​​of wooden planks. At the top of the door there is a geometric decorations. The inside of the bamboo-walled house and the floor is also made of bamboo. Bengunan roof-shaped house with a cover slowly atpnya of tiles.
Location: Kampung Panjalin, Village Panjalin, Cikalong Wetan
Coordinates: 6 ° 41'51 "S, 108 º 21'25" E
Directions: 23 miles of Majalengka. To reach the location is relatively easy with a walk and two-wheelers. For four-wheeled vehicles can only reach the road located at the east village. The distance between the boulevard and traditional houses about 200 m.
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