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Kacirebonan Palace Building located at Jl. No. Pulosaren. These 48, have relatively smaller size compared with the Palace and the Palace Kanoman Kasepuhan perhaps more rightly be called the Castle Kacirebonan. Administratively located in the village of Castle Kacirebonan Pulosaren, Village Pulosaren, District Pekalipan. Location palace which is at a low plain in the middle of residential areas are located at coordinates 06 º 43 '488' south latitude and 108 º 33 '921 "East Longitude.
Land castle complex breadth ± 46 500 m2. Castle Building Kacirebonan berdenah rectangles lengthwise direction of north - south, facing north. Vast palace of the youngest in the entire building is approximately 38,787 m2 Cirebon., Which consists of the building mains, Paseban, Break, Gedong Ijo, Pringgowati and Kaputren.
a) Building Up
The main building is a core building as a residence and day-to-day the sultan and his family. This building consists of several rooms including bedrooms, den sultan, pecira, fetish rooms, prabayasa, kitchen and terrace (serves as a waiting room when foot soldiers like the Sultan).
b) Paseban
Paseban building there are two, namely in the west and east, berdenah rectangle. Paseban west facing east ditompang by 8 pieces of the pole and four pillars and is a semi-open building. West and east side of the wall is lined with a low wall, roof-shaped lid joglo with tile.
c) Break
Break is located to the west of the main building. Between break and paseban separated by walls but no connecting doors on the west side of the wall. Court of the palace to the south on the wall there is a roofed gate koriagung joglo, namely the great door of the main.
d) Ijo Gedong
Gedong Ijo facing east and berdenah rectangle. Space within is divided into three, namely the north and south space occupied by the sultan's family while the living room is empty.
e) Pringgowati,
Living room where there Pringgowati named objects greatness palace, the sultan serves as a resting place. Beside it there is space pinangeran, which is used as a residence relatives sultan and storage tools Muludan celebration.
f) Kaputran and Kaputren
Place peristrirahatan sons and daughters of the Sultan.
Kacirebonan palace was founded in 1808 AD by Prince Anom on the land area of ​​45,500 m2. Development Kacirebonan Palace Sultan Anom motivated by the replacement of IV (Khaerudin Mohammed Sultan Anom) who died in 1802 AD, which is closely should be replaced by son or eldest child. However, because the Sultan Anom IV had twin boys in 1807 then Governor-General Daendels decided that both received the title sultan. Prince Kanoman King, one of the twins, defined as the Sultan Kacirebonan until the end. However, descendants of Sultan Kacirebonan this can not continue the position as sultan, enough with the prince alone. So, who was appointed as the Dutch colonial government employees only personal Kanoman Prince King. In addition Kacirebonan Castle did not have a regional power. For the son of Sultan Anom IV the other one, namely Prince Abusaleh Imamuddin by Sultan Anom Daendels defined as V, and his descendants can use the title of sultan, and the Dutch colonial government officials, when the British took the Dutch power in Java, the decision is not changed again Daendels . Since 1997 the palace was led by PR Kacirebonan Abdul Gani Natadiningrat.
Castle Development Kacirbonan done gradually. In 1808, King Kanoman only establish the main building, Paseban and breaking. In 1875 the title of Prince Dendawijaya King Madenda build Gedong Ijo, while Pringgowati built during Partaningrat Madenda Prince III, who led this court in the year 1915-1931.
Location: Jl. No. Pulosaren. 48, Pulosaren Village, Village Pulosaren, District Pekalipan
Coordinates: 06 º 43 '488 "S, 108 º 33' 921" E
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