Cave Sunyaragi

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A unique site on the outskirts of Cirebon waiting for your visit. Goa Sunyaragi Castle, occupies a land area of ​​15,000 m², is owned by Palace Kasepuhan hereditary and some land owned by the Government in the City of Cirebon. The unique shape with cavities and the winding alleys and dark makes it resemble a cave known as Cave Sunyaragi. This site was originally a Kelangenan Garden (garden of pleasure) or Taman Sari, whose main function to berkhalawatan or seclusion, it is also known as the garden Kelangenan Sunyaragi ('youngest child' means a silent, quiet; 'yeast' like sports).

Sacred impression that you will see coming from the halls of the former site of berkhalawat (hermitage), swimming-pool baths (petirtaan), the altars similar place of worship, and other archaeological objects that are spiritual. More profane impression is supported by the presence of buildings and shape joglo kaningaran flower reliefs and objects of archaeological artifacts in the form of metal, wood and ceramics.
Visually, the motive and the Mega Snow Wadasan is very dominating in most of the wall of Cave Sunyaragi complex. Pairs of rocks arranged in such a way as to form a pattern Wadasan and Mega Chance. Then certain parts also equipped with vine motifs, either patran and simbaran. On this site, and the Mega Snow Wadasan motif believed to be a symbol of life. Mega symbolizes the sky or the air while Wadas which means rock symbolizes the earth. While the motives vines, statues of animals and humans represent the contents of the world who possess the earth and sky and its contents.
In addition to the classic style atmosphere, Cave Sunyaragi equipped with such an ancient Chinese style carvings kanigaran flowers, peach flowers form, the sun and the lotus and the attachment of Chinese ceramics on the walls are not too high. It is understandable, because when built Sunyaragi Goa, a lot of assistance obtained from the Chinese people, mainly descendants of followers of Princess Tien Nio Ong and wife of Sheikh Sharif Hidayatullah (Sunan Kalijaga).
Location: By Pass Road. Brigjend Dharsono, Balong Reef Village, Village Sunyaragi, District Kesambi.
Coordinates: 06 º 44 '192 "S, 108 º 32' 602" E
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