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Other relics of the colonial buildings such as City Hall Cirebon. This building is located on Jl. No. Siliwangi. 84, Mark West Village, Village Kejaksan, District Kejaksan precisely at the coordinates 06 º 42 '394' south latitude and 108 º 33 '492 "East Longitude. Around the office and residential buildings. In the north there is a Home Office Head PT. KAI III DAOPS Cirebon, east of the segment Jl. Siliwangi, south of the residential population, and the west is the segment Jl. Railway station.
Building was initiated by Jeskoot, Head of Department of Public Works Stadsgemeente Cheribon, while the designer is done by two architects named HP Hamdl and CFH Koll. The building is shaped bridge whose top is decorated with four tail prawn, water beast commonly used nickname for this city. Architectural style is art deco buildings that are popular in the years around the 1920s.
The building that stands on an area of ​​± 15,770 m2 was walled in white and fine textured, built facing east, the main ingredient of red brick, stone, limestone, teak wood, tiles and marble. At that time the city hall building consists of core and supporting buildings on the north and south. Core built two-story building, when standing on the second floor can be seen beautiful views of the sea off Port Estuary and Teak. While in the underground tunnel there which, according to tradition, once a refuge and a shortcut to the sea or a place of escape in case of attack.
Construction of City Hall Cirebon is the embodiment of increasing interest to the Government of the Netherlands East Indies against this port city, which at the beginning of the 20th century has been ranked the fourth largest in Java. On 1 April 1906 inaugurated a Gemeente Cirebon (Township), and in 1926 became Stadsgemeente status improved again. To support the activities of this government agency, then built Staadhuis (City Hall), Raadhuis (Town Council Representative) and other municipal infrastructure.
This building was originally functioning as Raadhuis (City Council representative) who is the administrative center of the Township Cirebon. At that time, this building is also often used as a place petemuan and weddings among European nations. During the Japanese Military Administration until the independence of this building became the center of the City Government Cirebon.
Location: Jl. No. Siliwangi. 84, Mark West Village, Village Kejaksan, District Kejaksan
Coordinates: 06 º 42 '394 "S, 108 º 33' 492" E
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