Building PT. British American Tobaccos (P.T B.A.T)

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Standing gracefully as one witness to the history of business in Cirebon, Building PT BAT was originally a tobacco company SS Michael. Before 1925, they bought it and then develop a large scale. The two-story building was built in 1924 by architect FD Cuypers & Hulswit with art deco style. You will see that in general, these buildings consist of lobby, office space, plant and supporting facilities, such as the mosque and the canteen. The main building material in the form of iron, stone, brick red, sand, cement, wood, marble, tiles, ceramic tile, and Sabes. The color is predominantly white and blue. In the 1990s, the factory floor was originally made ​​of wood and replaced with marble floors. Since this building was built, barely have a yard and leaving only the land for a tree, police stations and places to walk.

Location: Jl. Pasuketan, Kampung Kebumen, Kasepuhan Village, District Lemahwungkuk
Coordinates: -6.718685,108.570027
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