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In Block Pejambon Lor, Village Pejambon, District Sources located about 3 km northeast source, there are archaeological remains of as many as 27 statues in the form of a set of figures with a variety of forms. Formerly a collection of statues is under the mango tree in the yard of the house one resident named Mr. Tarsidi. One of the statues there that looks like a puppet character Semar. Because the statues are the people giving the name of the site Watu Semar.

At this time these statues have been collected in a permanent building (cupola) measuring 5.3 x 5.3 m which was founded by the Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall Attack. The building is located on the edge of the village street, exactly in the coordinates 060 44 '255' south latitude and 1080 30 '154 "East Longitude. Around the building is a field on a low plain.
Statue form contained on the Site is not proportional Semar Watu. Shape of the hands and feet are all depicted attached to the body that appears to provide a scratch boundary, so that the hands and feet were just shaped bas relief sculptures. Besides face shape is very simple.
According to Mr. Raden Mas Subagyo, as custodian of the site, said that the statues shaped Ganeça, Shiva, Punokawan, female figure, Linga and Yoni is the ancient statues. While the other statues are made at a later time. According to his statues were made by a local man named Mr. Cayat. The statues of them as follows,
a. Statue of a woman with long hair coiled around her body. A round face shape with thick lips. Statues made of andesitic rocks is described not handed and legs. Arca-shaped female figures are depicted with breasts swollen and distended abdomen. A round face shape with thick lips. With long straight hair to the back. This statue does not have legs and both arms broken.
b. Arca is characterized as the god depicted in a sitting position on the surface of the pedestal (base) square. The ends of the fingers of both legs clashing. Hand numbered four with the positions of two folded hands in front with both hands holding the meeting between the abdomen and chest. While both the other hand, right hand holding an ax (parasu), and the clenched left hand placed on the thigh. Square face shape with folded chin, thick lips and eyes closed. In addition there is the head of the cement forming materials such as headgear.
c. Statues of human figures are depicted as having no legs and handed 2. The right hand folded in front of the abdomen, while the left hand side folded in the stomach. Position both hands as if holding belly. The face looked somewhat drawn with a very wide lips. At the top of the head there is a kind of headgear. Statues of human figures are depicted with folded hands resting on both feet. Agency wide, slightly bulging belly. Wide face with bulging cheeks and thick lips. Shape with long straight hair to his shoulders.
d. Ganesha statues depict the elephant-headed god without legs, arms amounted to two folded across his chest. The right hand holds the rod, while the left hand holding the ivory. Face depicted with his mouth wide, its trunk until it touches your right hand dangle. On the back engraved a racing lalt (chamara) and a lotus bud (utpala).
e. Another form of statues of human figures depicted there who have no feet but wearing fabrics and belts. It also depicted wearing a scarf that hung on the front. Hand numbered two right-hand position hanging straight down on the right side of the body, while the left hand bend on the left side of the body by holding the hook (ankusa). A round face shape with bulging cheeks and thick lips.
f. There are also statues of human figures depicted in a sitting position with legs dangling. Hand amounted to one of your left hand holding the jug. Round face with a grinning mouth and slanted eyes.
g. In addition to the human figure or statue-shaped god there are also several statues depicting animals. These animals are depicted entwined serpents.

Location: Block Pejambon Lor, District Resources
Coordinates: 6 44 '255 "S, 108 30' 154" E
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