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Buyut Trusmi complex is a place of pilgrimage which was built in 1481 by Trusmi, the first child of King Pajajaran (King Siliwangi). Trusmi great-grandfather was the spread of Islamic teachings in Cirebon. He died in 1559. Buyut Trusmi complex located in Kampung Dalem, Village Trusmi Wetan, District Weru. Astronomically is at coordinates 06 º 44 '15.6 "south latitude and 108 º 32' 39.4" east longitude. The location is about 5 km from the source is very easy to reach either by two-or four-wheeled vehicles.
Environment around the complex Buyut Trusmi form settlements on the plain region. Northern boundary is a common and garden cemetery, east of the river, south of Jl. Village House Gede (Bale) and settlements, and settlements in the west as well.
Buyut Trusmi complex area of ​​about 3600 m2 surrounded by walls as high as 2 m with a brick material without dilepa. As the building of the Sultanate of other Cirebon, Complex Buyut Trusmi dominated red brick. The entrance to the complex could be through the gate and gate Wetan Kulon. Both arch-shaped gate of the temple briefly each equipped with two symmetrical doors. Wooden doors carved with decorative patterns of flora and fauna (snakes). Behind the gate on the right and the left there is a ceramic water. Overall, this gate is equipped with a cupola building height of 4 meters roofed joglo shingle material.
After passing through the gate there is a barrier called Kuta Hijab. This barrier serves as a protective cover or blinds to block the view. So that visitors can not see the inside of the front gate. This building width 0.50 m, length 3.90 m, and height of 2.80 m. The top was circular and its center was decorated with a small monument. Field of the facade is decorated also with the geographical pattern.
Pages in complex Buyut Trusmi generally divided into two sections. In the yard there is a building south of the mosque and several other buildings while the north is the page where the building is the tomb of Yang Trusmi. Once past the gate both in east and west will be up in the yard to the south.
When entering through Gate Kulon, on the left (north) there is a building marquee. Building facing east is a rectangular shaped measuring 5 x 3.25 m floored tiles. Thatched building is supported by wooden poles. The function of this building is as a meeting room. In the east hall of the building there pekemitan. Building facing west, measuring 8.45 x 7.80 x 3.50 m. The entire building using materials except wood flooring from tiles. The walls in the form of bars of wood and thatch roof of the material. This building serves as a caretaker residence (kemit).
On the right side (south) there are buildings or pawadonan princess. The building is facing east, rectangular-shaped measuring 8.25 x 4.50 m. The building is very new ceramic floors, paneled walls and shingle roofs. In the east there is a princess of the main building on this page, which is the mosque.
The mosque building berdenah rectangle, consists of two parts. Buildings in the western part of the old building measuring 12 x 7 m. Floor of ceramic materials and marble-covered walls. On the north wall are two windows, each measuring 95 x 48 cm. These two windows flanking the door width 7.5 m and height 1.25 m. These doors are small, with the intention that every pilgrim who goes into it at once bowed his head a sign of respect. Mihrab length 1.40 m and 0.90 m wide divided in two parts. Mihrab in the south as a priest led prayers in congregation and sanctuary north of the pulpit where the preacher preaches. The top of the pulpit, there are two arches decorated with Arabic calligraphy pronunciation of "Allahu astagfirullahalazim haula wala la la illa kuwwata Azim". Shingle roof of the mosque of the three pyramid-shaped overlap. At the top of the peak or memolo decorated. Construction of a roof supported by four pillars. This square-shaped pole decorated with flora and fauna of snakes and tigers.
Buildings in the eastern part of the outbuilding measuring 12 x 7 m. Part of this building walled ceramic walls and floors. The roof of shingle material is supported by eight pillars. Among the old buildings and additional buildings connected 3 pieces of the door.
To the east of the mosque on the south side of the building there witana. This building is where the first prayer which was built before the mosque. Witana wiwit derived from the word ana meaning the beginning there. It is said that this building was originally founded by Prince Walasungsang. Formerly Prince Walasungsang teaching of Islam in this place. The building, measuring 3 x 3 m thatched. The roof is supported by four pillars that existed at the corner of the building. To the east of this building there are pekulahan, namely the building where baths and ablutions. In the east a little to uata of pekulahan an eastern entrance or gate Wetan.
In the north there are wards witana several interconnected buildings. In the most eastern part close to the gate there Wetan Jinem Wetan. In front of this building there is a building Jinem Kulon. Both buildings are open, floor and roof of leaves supported plur 6 wooden poles. This place serves as the resting place of the visitors who came on a pilgrimage. The word means Siji jinem nenem kang, one of the six. Its meaning is one of the pillars of the faith which consists of six terms.
To the north between Jinem Kulon and Jinem Wetan paseban there. The building is open without walls facing north, berdenah rectangle with the size 7.30 x 5 m. Floor tiles measuring 20 x 20 cm. The floor is raised 20 cm from the bottom floors. Overlapping roof-shaped building. The function of this building today is as a place to receive guests and deliberation.
To enter the north of the page there are two entrances. The main entrance to the north of the mosque there while the second driveway located on the north pavilion. In the north of this page there is the tomb of Yang Trusmi cupola. Trusmi great-grandfather died in 1559 pata. Sacred tomb so that only certain people can see the tomb. Building cupola measuring 11 x 9 m, the walls are built with brick materials. The door is located in the south with a height 1.66 m and a width of 22 m. This door is very small, is so that pilgrims enter through this door immediately bowed his head a sign of salute. In front of the cupola there is a terrace with a size of 9 x 9 m which functioned as a pilgrimage. This shingle-roofed porch. Around the tomb Buyut Trusmi there are some relatives of his tomb.
In this tomb complex at certain times performed the ceremony. On every 25th of the month instead welit Mulud performed the ceremony (the roof of woven palm leaves), which is done tahlilan. Roofs made of shingles also be replaced periodically. Every four years the replacement shingle ceremony performed. In this ceremony enlivened with leather puppet show and Fly.
Location: Kampung Dalem, Village Trusmi Wetan, District Weru
Coordinates: 06 º 44 '15.6 "S, 108 º 32' 39.4" E
Directions: About 5 km from District Resources
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