Kampug Adat Cikondang

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According Kuncen Cikondang Village, supposedly first in this area there are Seke (spring) is overgrown with large trees called famous. Therefore, the next place is called Cikondang or village Cikondang. The name was a combination of springs and the famous tree; "ci 'comes from the acronym for the word" cai ' meaning water (source water), while the "famous 'is the name of the tree. Kuncen Still according to the narrative, to state when and who established kampong Cikondang very difficult to ascertain. However, the public believes that the ancestor (Ancestor) they are one of the guardians who spread Islam in the area. They called him Uyut Pameget and Uyut wife are believed to bring fortune and can ngauban (protect) children grandson.
When Uyut Pameget and Uyut Cikondang wife began to open the area to be a settlement or when he came to the area? There is no concrete evidence that it explains the occurrence of both written and oral. According to estimates by a public figure, Indigenous Earth is estimated to have been aged 200 years. Thus, it is estimated Uyut Pameget and Uyut wife founded the settlement in the village Okondang more or less in the early nineteenth century, or about the year 1800.
At first this is a building in Cikondang settlements with traditional architecture pattern as used on the building of Earth Peoples. It is said that in the 1940s there were approximately sixty homes. Around the year 1942 a large fire which destroyed all the houses except the Earth Peoples. It is not known what caused the fire. But there is a suspicion that the village was once used as hideouts or Cikondang headquarters fighters who tried to free himself from the clutches of the Netherlands. Possible place known Dutch and scorching the earth.
The distance from the city of Bandung to this Cikondang indigenous village about 38 kilometers, while the central District of Canning about 11 kilometers. From Bandung to the south through the district and subdistrict Cimaung Banjaran.
Coordinates: 6 43 '0 "S, 107 13' 33" E
Directions: 38 km from Bandung (through district and subdistrict Banjaran Cimaung), 11 km from the center of District Pangalengen
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