Site Balong Dalem

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Site name is taken from Balong Dalem Sundanese mudhole which means the pool and palace, which refers to one's social status. The site is associated with the presence of the Sultan Matangaji or Buyut Bayu who came from the Sultanate of Cirebon in this place. He lived until he died in this place. During his life spreading the Islamic faith and after death was buried in a location close to the pond. The site is situated in the village of Babakan Mulya. Site location not far from the center of Brass is easily achieved because it is situated on the edge of a paved highway that separates the village area with a village Babakan Mulya Jalaksana on its eastern side. In this place also contained Heroes Cemetery "Ocean". Astronomically located at coordinates 6 º 55'13 latitude and 108 º 28'33 "longitude.
Site Balong Dalem of areas in which there springs, two adjacent monoliths, known as wedding stones, empty area called Karangmangu, pond that is large enough, and the tomb of Yang Bayu. The surroundings of this site is maintained originality and beauty of its environment. The annual is still fairly dense trees surrounding the site. Everyday people on the move using this site, from washing up fishing in the ponds. In this place regularly held ceremonial form of marriage ceremony suey. Ceremonies that suck enough attention from various circles of society in the form of mating / unify water from springs in the area with water brought from springs Cibulan, Village Sweet South. The ceremony was intended to make both eyes water does not dry. At this ceremony, ceremonial core equipment, such as water are placed in a stone mated mating. Meanwhile, the ceremony centered at Karangmangu. In this Karangmangu Similarly, in the past is the gathering place of the clergy or missionaries from various places.
In the north there is the tomb palace pond Buyut Bayu. The tomb is located in the building starts to break down the cupola which kondisisnya. These figures include a respected figure for his role in the past as a propagator of Islam. Tomb Buyut Bayu oriented north south marked the tomb and two tombstones are made of natural stone enforced.

Location: Babakan Mulya village, Cirebon Regency 
Coordinates: 6 º 55'13 S, 108 º 28'33 "E 
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