Tomb Van Beck

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Van Beck's tomb is located on the south side of the road Cigugur to Palutungan. Administratively included in the subdistrict of Cigugur. In the east there is Koramil Cigugur Headquarters and across the street there is a church. This location is relatively easy to reach by various vehicles. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 56'58 "latitude and 108 º 26 'E
Van Beck tomb was built in 1912. Overall building berdenah circles are stretched north to the south door on the north side. European-style building is divided into three parts. Pertamaberupa foot section is made of stone and brick with cement species about 70 cm tall. Parts of the body is a space for graves. Buildings use materials with a species of cement bricks. In this section there is a prism-shaped ornament beheaded. Inside this room there is a grave with a mound of cement markers. On the walls of this room there is a pseudo pole decorations on the wall. The roof of the building forming a dome-topped danpada there are six small windows. At the top there is a decoration of the cross. Around the tomb van Beck, there are several graves of Europeans.
The tomb is quite important for the data history of architecture and history in general the past. Now the tomb is still relatively intact condition. However, look at their proper location on the edge of the highway is feared for the future of this object will be affected by the times.

Location: Road Cigugur, District Cigugur
Coordinates: 6 ° 56'58 "S, 108 º 26 'E
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