Tri Paseban Panca Tunggal

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Tri Paseban Panca Sole is located in Kampung Wage, Village Cigugur, District Cigugur. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 58'04 "latitude and 108 º 27'24" longitude.
Building Single Paseban Tri Panca is the center of religious faiths Java-Sunda now led by Prince Jatikusumah. Religion is at the beginning of the establishment led by Prince Alibasyah or Kyai Madrais of Gebang. This banguan name implies dealing with the teachings of the religion. Paseban berkumpuldan has meaning as a place to feel grateful in singleness as God's people. Tri is the element that is being made up sir, taste, and thought; Panca is composed of the five senses; and Sole is a oneness as human beings and the unity of copyrights, race, and yangdiwujudkan in a determination, as well as lampah said.
The building was built in 1840 and renovated in 1971 and 2007. Building facing westward. In the west the building there is jalanraya Cigugur yangmenghubungkan Brass - Ciamis, in the north there is a park Paseban Sari, in the east of the creek artifacts, whereas there sebalh western residential area. The building is restricted by a fence around the buildings are decorated with patterned flower buds.
In general, the building is divided into several rooms. At the front there is a pavilion and jinem space. Pavilion has a roof support poles 11. The base of the pole berbetuk dihaiasi circle motif tubs. On the east wall of the room there is a pictorial reliefs eagle above a circle which is supported by two dragon tails tangled. Reliefs Sundanese script reads that read "Purwa Wisada". Other relief in the form of a hermit in the middle of motif sizes on either side there is a painting of the head Banas duke, and on top there Sundanese writing letters that read "Sri Rishi Sukma Komara Single". Another space, the space Jinem have doors located on the west wall in this room there are eight columns on the bottom face danawa motifs decorated in flames. This space for storing gamelan.
The next room is Srimanganti. This space serves to discuss issues such as preparation for the ceremony seren epidemic, receive visitors, and is used for wedding ceremonies. At the four corners there is a statue guards carrying spears and shields. Inside this room terdapt golden hall or chair kaencan along with the accessories. Furthermore, there is a space which is a mega cloudy Mr. Prince Jatikusumah workspace.
The rear is kitchen space ageung. Within this space there are furnace of brick and cement decorated with four dragons on the four corners at the top there is a decorative crown. The east side there is a mortar made of mortar. This roofed buildings overlapping. At the door between the kitchen and mega cloudy ageung terdapt dragon motifs and patterned decoration on top there is Kala.

Location: Kampung Wage, Village Cigugur, District Cigugur
Coordinates: 6 ° 58'04 "S, 108 º 27'24" E
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